Sweet hydrangea

Goddess of winter

how subtle and yet strong

you defy the cold and the storm

your petals glisten

when rimed with frost

delicate lacework when kissed by the sun

my fingers reach out

to touch your brittle soul

for soon it will be gone

strong buds

impatient in their youthful eagerness

herald the much longed-for season:


_MG_6775-16-01This winter my most cherished flowers for the vase were those of Hydrangea paniculata. I must admit I love them even more in winter when the light caresses their delicate flowers, emphasizing every little detail that so often goes unnoticed. I spend a lot of time capturing their beauty in different ways. Thanks to dear Cathy for hosting the Vase on a Monday meme – visit her and be inspired by all that creativity. Happy Monday and have a great week!


28 thoughts

  1. Annette, thank you for joining in today but thank you even more for the delightful poem to celebrate your hydrangea – as you say, the longer term effects of the motivation to ‚create‘ in whatever form goes far beyond the actual creation itself. And you have a triple whammy – vase/poem/photo, all beautiful. Your soul must be glowing today…

    1. Hi Cathy, first I was afraid I’d be making a fool of myself but then I feel if your truthful and passionate you can never really make a fool out of yourself. Thanks for the lovely comment. Will you tell me what it was that gave away the author of the poem? Hope no serious mistake sneaked into my composition 😀

      1. Oh, absolutely, a beautiful natural effect. I’ve some in a vase like this myself. (I’m very partial to faded grandeur, as you know, there are grasses that share these hues ;))

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