I’m singing „It’s just another manic Monday…“ as I’m rushing around trying to squeeze my vase into to the usual work madness. But before we get to the vase, I shall squeeze something else in and hope Cathy will forgive me for mixing up memes but lack of time is forcing me to. After a glorious October it has now become a lot cooler and very windy, so the leaves keep falling. As for rain – what rain?! It hasn’t rained properly for over 6 months and our large pond has almost dried out. My water lilies are sulking, and the frogs have disappeared into the muddy depths to indulge in their depression…probably along with the water lilies! How has the weather been your end? I didn’t get around to post my Top 10 for September nor October so I’ll present you a medley (more than 10) of both months. You can see Chloris’s choice here and maybe you’d like to share your own Top 10. Here we go…

Ich singe „It’s just another manic Monday…“, während ich durch die Gegend flitze und versuche, meine Vase in den ganz normalen, verrückten Arbeitsalltag zu quetschen. Aber vor der Vase werde ich noch etwas anderes reinquetschen und hoffe, Cathy wird mir das Zusammenlegen zweier Mems verzeihen, aber die Zeit ist knapp. Nach einem herrlichen, fürwahr goldenen Oktober ist es nun viel kühler und windiger geworden. Die Blätter fallen… Was den Regen angeht – was für Regen?! Es hat seit über 6 Monaten nicht richtig geregnet, und unser grosser Teich ist fast ausgetrocknet. Die Seerosen schmollen, und die Frösche haben sich in den Schlamm zurückgezogen, um ihre Depression zu pflegen. Wie benimmt sich das Wetter bei euch? Da ich nicht dazu gekommen bin, meine Top 10 für September und Oktober zu posten, gibt es heute ein Potpourri von mehr als 10. Chloris teilt ihre Top 10 hier, und vielleicht habt ihr ja Lust, eure ebenfalls vorzustellen. Hier sind meine…

Es begann sonnig mit Rudbeckia fulgida, R. subtomentosa ‚Henry Eilers‘ und R. triloba,

Sunny start with R. fulgida, R. subtomentosa ‚Henry Eilers‘ and R. triloba,

dann ging es etwas gedämpfter weiter mit Aster pyrenaeus ‚Lutetia‘, Dahlia ‚David Howard und Pennisetum alopecuroides ‚Moudry’…

then it continued with more muted colours: Aster pyrenaeus ‚Lutetia‘, Dahlia ‚David Howard and Pennisetum alopecuroides ‚Moudry’…Fuchsia ‚Schwarzer Ritter‘ (Black Knight), an unknown, compact Hebe which is flowering almost all year and the stunning foliage of Melia azederach, the Persian lilac.

Fuchsia ‚Schwarzer Ritter‘, eine unbekannte, kompakte Strauchveronika (Hebe), die fast das ganze Jahr blüht und die tolle Herbstfärbung von Melia azederach.

Und jetzt ziehen wir nochmals alle Register: Liquidamber styraciflua, Cercis canadensis ‚Forest Pansy‘ und Pistacia sinensis.

And now we finally paint the town red (or the countryside rather!): Liquidamber styraciflua, Cercis canadensis ‚Forest Pansy‘ and Pistacia sinensis.

Wenn wir nicht gerade im Farbtaumel sind, betätigen wir uns als Eichhörnchen 🙂

When we’re not dizzy with colour we’re playing squirrel 🙂

Die Seerosen mögen bald auf dem Trockenen liegen, aber wenigsten schwimmen die Dahlien noch! Euch allen einen frohen Montag und eine gute Woche. Schaut bei Cathy vorbei und lasst euch von den Vasen der anderen Blogger inspirieren.

The water lilies may soon be on dry land but my dahlias are still swimming! Happy Monday and a great week to you all. Pop over to Cathy and be inspired by the vases of my fellow bloggers.

45 thoughts

  1. Amazing that you still have dahlias, Annette. I love your list of favorites, beautiful blazes of color as we slip into the dull colors of late fall (November is such a dreary month here). Hope you get a replenishing rain soon.

    1. November is still great here, Eliza, I’m dreading January and February, the latter being the longest month of the year (at least it feels like that!). Hibernation coming soon 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing some of your autumnal blooms, Annette, and allowing your dahlias to have a swim as I am sure you and Monsiuer will have abandoned it for this year. That spiky red dahlia looks interesting – does it have name?

    1. Actually we’ve been swimming every day up to now but it’s getting chilly and I must be sensible. The dahlia is from the Honka- series (well worth checking out): Honka Tahoma Moonshot 🙂

  3. A lovely post Annette and thanks for giving us your Top Ten Blooms. I particularly love your rudbeckias. You have beautiful red autumn colour and your dahlia water lilies are gorgeous.

  4. Despite the dry conditions, your garden still looks smashing, Annette. My own dahlias have been pulled and put to bed until next year. We’ve had just the barest touch of rain thus far, which isn’t auspicious for the start of our rainy season but then last year the pundits predicted low rainfall and they were wrong so I remain hopeful. I hope you get some soon too. Poor frogs!

  5. Das sind sooooo wunderschöne Fotos und Farben.
    Meine absoluten Favs: Hund an Kürbis, Dahlien in Schale und diese wunderschönen Dahlien mit den lila Freunden im Beet. #hach

  6. Beautiful colours throughout your autumn garden Annette. Your poor pond though. At least the dry weather has spared your trees and they have been able to keep their leaves to show off all their glorious colour. And you have a lovely mini pond for your pretty dahlias to take a dip! 🙂

    1. I think you must have taken all the water, haha. Friend of mine just sent a letter saying she considers planting water lilies in her lawn! Colours are glorious though. Best xx

  7. Wunderschön anzusehen, Annette. Hier hat alles nur gegammelt, weil,es so naß war und ist. Da kann ich dir gut die Hälfte abgeben und versinke immer noch im Matsch.
    Jetzt wird es frostig und ich hoffe, damit auch etwas trockener.
    Lieben Gruß Marlies

    1. Meine Freundin in Norddeutschland sagt, ihre Enten hätten die Zeit ihres Lebens und sie könne bald Seerosen im Garten (nicht im Teich!) anpflanzen. Weiss nicht, was besser ist 😀

  8. Oh you have got me singing Annette even though it’s been a few years now since I experienced manic Mondays. What lovely glowing October favourites. The dahlias look as if they could float there happily for a long time to come.

  9. The dahlias are lovely Annette! What’s that spidery one in the middle? Thanks also for your Sept/Oct favourites! We have had a wet, wet, wet summer! How strange that it’s passed you by. I still get outside, but boots are often very, very muddy when going in again!

    1. Hi Cathy, lovely to see you. Yes, I’ve heard about the wet summer in the North. It’s crazy really. October has been the dryest since we came. The dahlia is from the Honka-series: Honka Tahoma Moonshot. Oh what a name! It’s a pretty series worth checking out.

      1. Thanks Annette – googled that. I do like dahlias that have some delicacy about them. ‚Promesse des Fleurs‘ and Sarah Raven seem to supply, that’s good! Inspiration again from you!

  10. Hello lovely .. your photos are just beautiful, so many wonderful colours. Autumn is such a gorgeous time of year! I hope it rains soon .. and it just happens to be raining now! Such a damp spring we have had. Love those dahlias .. hugs

    1. Hi Julie, no wonder we don’t get any rain if you take it all 😀 . I don’t know where we’re going, I think gardening will be a lot more challenging in future. We’ve had 80% less insects this year in Europe and bird numbers are plummeting too. Who’s going to pollinate our plants in a few years? Hugs for you both xx

  11. Wow, Annette! ven without rain, your flowers are lovely. And the pumpkins too. Sorry about the dried-out pond. That’s not good. I remember the drought one summer that almost dried out our streambed — it was a sad sight. thanks for posting during a busy time!

  12. Hallo Anette,
    deine Bilder sind wundervoll. Viele deiner Favouriten wachsen auch in meinem Garten in Berlin. Leider war bei uns der Sommer doch sehr verregnet und viele Pflanzen haben sehr gelitten unter der Nässe. Jetzt hoffen wir auf die nächste Saison.
    Viel Grüße

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