Each time we go to our local market on a Saturday we pass a magnificent garden full of special trees, flowers and vegetables. The yearly highlight comes in autumn when Madame proudly displays her pumpkins. Not just pumpkins but AWESOME pumpkins that is! Until last week she was a stranger shrouded in horticultural mist(ery) but this year I decided to buy some of her produce, so I went and rang the door bell. Out came a most delightful, elegant lady in her seventies to welcome us. She offered to show us around and of course we happily accepted, ignoring the fact that our shoes weren’t water-proof but what the heck, who cares about sodden shoes when surrounded by the marvels of the world?! Needless to say it was a revelation. Everything seems happy and grows so abundantly. You only have to look at the pumpkin display which made me secretly check her borders for a hidden bottle of Asterix magic potion. 😉 I also spotted the budgies that made it into my vase today. My clever friends, no doubt you know the plant that produces these „budgies“, no? In French it’s called „Herbe aux perruches“ which translates „budgie plant“. It’s so funny, makes me laugh every time I pass by. As you can see there’s an older budgie among them. „Birds of one feather flock together“, my English teacher wrote into my little friendship book when I was a kid…and so it is! Thanks to Cathy for hosting the inspirational In a vase on a Monday! Happy Monday everyone 🙂      Ah, almost forgot to tell you, it’s the seedhead of Asclepias syriaca, a vigorously spreading perennial which is beloved by insects.

Madame’s Pumpkin Harvest

The Budgie Club







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    1. Neither can I, it’s a bit crazy and I think most goes to waste but they grow on a river bank, soil must be fertile, and it looks great as they ripen. Case of gardener getting carried away I guess 😀

  1. „Budgie“ was one of the first few English words we were taught in school back then. I love budgies! 🙂 What a magical garden that must be – great discovery, Annette. You’re a truly adventurous spirit.

  2. Those seedpods DO look like budgies. I’ve not grown that particular variety of milkweed but now I may try it, just for those seedpods! The pumpkin display is magnificent. I hope your shoes survived the visit.

  3. Was für eine wunderbare Kürbisernte, ich beneide Dich ein wenig, ist es doch mein erstes Jahr ohne! Sonst hätte ich immer über 200 Stück und dieses Jahr muss ich kaufen, aber es geht auch, vor allem, wenn ich bedenke, was für schlechtes Wetter wir hatten, da würden die Kürbisse nicht so aussehen, wie Deine. Da kannst Du ja mächtig in der Küche werkeln, aber einiges wird sich ja auch gut lagern lassen. Viel Spaß damit.
    Lieben Gruß Marlies

      1. I meet them at night, as well, and can never resist scooping them up for a moment or twelve before sending them hopping on their way. Happy, happy autumn days to you too. And happy weekend.

        smiling toad

  4. The pumpkins make such a luscious display of color and texture. As I read your post, I wondered what to expect of the budgies – I certainly did not guess those pods perched on the glass, but they do have just the shape…! 🙂 You’ve inspired me to go ahead and begin posting the photos I took this summer of my very own milkweed, the desert species A. subulata, and its host of visitors. So, double thanks! 😉

    1. Hi Amy, just googled it. Seems a bit more demure but oh those seedheads! Saw some fab pics with the pods just about to open to reveal the silky seeds, too pretty. Looking forward to yours 🙂

  5. Out of all the IAVOM posts I had to make time to read your post, Annette, if only to find out about the budgies! What a lovely lady this is that you have met and what a productive garden she must have

  6. I love all the different squash varieties and I love excess! I can only dream of so many pumpkins, and it looks like she does have several of the tastier kinds as well as a few decorative ones so perhaps winter includes many meals cooked under the roaster!
    The budgie plant sounded so intriguing and then when I saw the photo I laughed! It grows right next to my front door (until I get tired of it’s spreading ways) and I never noticed the resemblance. Amazing and fun to know!

    1. I know you’ve a weak spot for excess, Frank, guess as gardeners we’re all a bit crazy and that’s fine! As for the budgies – I’m so glad that it was new to you and that it made you laugh 🙂

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