…and that’s why today’s vase has to be enjoyed „under cover“ on the balcony of „Treetops“. We’re having thunderstorms today and it has cooled down a lot giving the garden and myself a bit of a break. Everything’s looking refreshed and green. I’m so pleased as my former garden design tutor came over from the UK to see my garden the other day and I had been worrying about the state of the place after the heat and drought in June. There was no need to worry though as she was delighted about the garden and thrilled by the snakes which could be seen basking in the sun. She’s Australian by the way, this might explain her relaxed attitude ;). My vase features the first Dahlia of the season: Jowey Mirella, a most faithful friend which has been coming up for several years even surviving colder spells down to -7°C. I’ve also added some Spirea and Indigofera amblyantha. Thanks to dear Cathy for hosting the vase on a Monday…I wish I could join in more often as it’s such an inspirational meme. Wishing you all a good week and don’t forget to check out the vases of my fellow bloggers over at Cathy’s Rambling in the garden. 🙂  PS: The owl chateau is still available by the way, just in case you know an owl looking for a secluded, spacious home with gorgeous views!