Spring has sprung! And to celebrate the new season, all the lush green growth, the flowers, this pure joy of living, I simply must share a vase today. April is certainly living up to its reputation and presents us with a mix of sunshine and showers. I won’t complain about the rain because the last couple of months have been too dry, and plants certainly get off to a better start after a wet winter and spring. Isn’t it fabulous that we can sit outside again, even if it’s only between showers?! The birdsong and the humming of insects is the most enjoyable music I know. Today’s vase features shop-bought tulips and no, I’m not ashamed. 😁 I just don’t have the heart to cut the ones in my pots and borders. Please pop over to Cathy to see what my blogging friends have chosen for their vases. Last but not least a big thank you to Cathy from Words and Herbs who sent me the delightful bookworm. Happy April days! 😘

Der Frühling ist da! Um den Beginn der neuen Jahreszeit, all das Wachstum, die Blumen, diese pure Lebensfreude zu zelebrieren, muss ich heute unbedingt eine Vase teilen. Der April macht seinem Ruf alle Ehre: Sonne und Schauer wechseln sich in rasantem Tempo ab. Aber ich will nicht klagen, denn die letzten Monate waren zu trocken, und die Pflanzen entwickeln sich einfach besser nach einem regenreichen Winter und Frühling. Ist es nicht wunderbar, dass man wieder draussen sitzen kann?! Vogelgezwitscher und Insektensummen – das ist für mich die schönste Musik, die es gibt. In meiner Vase seht ihr gekaufte Tulpen, und nein, ich schäme mich nicht. 😁 Ich bring’s einfach nicht über’s Herz, jene in den Töpfen und Beeten abzuschneiden. Schaut euch bei Cathy die Vasen meiner Bloggerfreunde an. Last but not least ein dickes Dankeschön an Cathy von Words and Herbs für den zauberhaften Bücherwurm. Frohe Apriltage! 😘

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    1. Hi Donna, the rain is essential as we usually don’t get much during the summer. Last year was very challenging to say the least. Hope you’re well and spring has arrived in your corner of the world too 🙂

  1. Well we definitely had a wet start to spring, with a very wet March – so far, April has given us some lovely sunny afternoons, perfect for gardening jobs (but a slight touch of frost this morning) Is that Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady you are reading? Enjoy the rest of Spring, and thanks for sharing your very frilly tulips

  2. I’d have snatched up those tulips if I saw them at a store too, Annette. They’re spectacular! I finally got some species tulips to bloom in my climate – ‚Lady Jane‘ comported herself nicely this year, although ‚Cynthia‘ is keeping us waiting 😉

    1. The tulips looked so ordinary when I bought them but once they opened up, well, you see yourself how stunning they are. Tulipa clusiana is one of my favourites, I think the mice at some of the bulbs though.

  3. Your table looks very inviting. I would not have guessed those were tulips, but I love them in the blue container. It is finally raining here for the first time in seemingly months. Happy April Showers!

  4. What fabulous frilly tulips Annette and I love Cathy’s smiling bookworm peeking out from between the pages of your book. Wishing you a happy April 😀

  5. Those tulips are gorgeous Annette! I haven’t seen any like that on sale here. My first botanical ones are appearing, but still on short stems. I am glad you can use the bookmark. 🤗 You have reminded me to take a look at the ‚Country Diary‘ again. I am afraid it is too cold to sit outside here at the moment though (-5°C at 6am!) But the sun is shining and the birds are singing their hearts out. Happy Spring Days and wishing you some more April showers too! 😘

  6. Heavenly photographs, Annette, and these tulips are amazing! Hope you’re all well. Happy spring to you too ❣️

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