It’s sizzling hot and the garden has turned into a desert. I dream about a garden filled with succulents and drought-tolerant grasses. In the middle of it all a nice, big pool. The potager has been struggling too as not many plants like to be roasted. I have put up shade netting to protect the crops which suffer most like cabbage, lettuce, beetroot and swiss chard. What a difference it makes! The Dierama in the pool garden have been beautiful this year. Today’s vase is cool, calm and collected – quite the opposite to reality. But alas, one of the things I’ve learnt over the past two years is that nothing’s quite like it seems. 😉 Thanks to Cathy for hosting the vase on a Monday. Pop over to her to check out the vases of other bloggers around the world. Hope you’re all enjoying summer and that your gardens don’t suffer too much.

Es ist brütend heiss, und der Garten hat sich in eine Wüste verwandelt. Ich träume von einem Garten mit Sukkulenten, trockenheitsverträglichen Gräsern und einem Pool. Der Gemüsegarten quält sich, da es nicht viele Pflanzen gibt, die gerne geröstet werden. Ich habe Schattierungsnetze angebracht, um jene Arten zu schützen, die die Hitze gar nicht mögen, darunter Salate, Rote Bete, Mangold und Kohl. Das macht einen Riesenunterschied! Die Dierama im Poolgarten haben wunderschön geblüht. Die heutige Vase ist cool, ruhig und gefasst – das komplette Gegenteil zur Realität. Aber eines der Dinge, die ich in den beiden letzten Jahren gelernt habe, dann dies, dass nichts ist wie es scheint. 😉 Schaut auch bei Cathy die Vasen der anderen Blogger an. Ich hoffe, ihr geniesst den Sommer und euer Garten leidet nicht zu sehr.

Dierama pulcherrima & Miscanthus sinensis ‚Blütenwunder‘
Hydrangea, fennel, coriander, spirea and elder.

29 thoughts

  1. Well, it ’seems‘ like the story you’re telling with the chair, stool, table, book, cup and saucer, is so very relaxing. Add the vase of cool colours and it makes sizzling heat hard to imagine. Hope you have a great week!

    1. It’s a fantastic summer for non-gardeners. It’s challenging to stay calm when everything looks so sad and brown. Fingers crossed for a thunderstorm (or two!) 🙂

  2. That is definitely a cool, calm and collected vase, Annette, and it was lovely to see some of your wonderful photos of the garden too.. No doubt you and Monsieur will have been enjoying your pool…

  3. The scene you’ve painted (or rather photographed) certainly seems serene, Annette. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve also been afflicted with dry, hot weather. That’s typical for us during our long (seemingly endless) summers but I’ve been alarmed by the reports of Europe’s struggle with those conditions this year. Surprisingly, our temperatures have been nominally cooler thus far but we’re so dry it doesn’t help much. My garden’s composition is leaning more and more in the direction of succulents with each passing year.

    1. Thank you, Kris, I will have to redesign and replant certain areas this autumn/winter to make things easier and more enjoyable. The birds are struggling to find worms and have turned to eating our tomatoes. The thing with succulents is that they hate wet feet in the winter. Best wishes x

    1. Liebe Renate, frühmorgens ist es am angenehmsten. Schade, dass wir als Gärtner den tollen Sommer nicht so genießen können. Ich beneide die Urlauber und Nichtgärtner 😉 . Liebe Grüße

  4. Your very cool pitcher contains two of my favorites, dill and hydrangeas, so I love it. Your pool looks wonderful, I am admiring it from afar (with you?) in air conditioned comfort. Our weather has also been dry and hot. Relief is a few weeks away, I am hoping. The succulents in my garden are doing quite well. If summer was rainy it would be a different story.

    1. No such thing as air conditioning here. I remember from our time in Florida that there were almost daily thunderstorms (which sometimes electrified the camper van which was scary) but that was in winter. It’s probably a different story in summer.

      1. Oh, I grew up without air conditioning..not good in the south. Winter is the dry season here, thunderstorms are usually summer but can be year round.

  5. That photo of your garden chair, vase and pool with the castle in the background is so lovely Annette! It conjures up a cool and inviting summer morning with a chill in the air. Delicious! Enjoy your swimming!

  6. A beautiful soothing vase Annette and those hydrangea lowers are just the right colour to cool you down on a hot day. I hope that your part of the world has not been affected by the dreadful fires that have been sadly so much in the news this summer. Your view of the castle is absolutely breathtaking.

    1. thank you, Anna, luckily no fires nearby but foolish and careless people sending up burning lanterns etc. hope you’re ok and not suffering from the heat, happy weekend xx

    1. So good to hear from you, Julie, I was getting worried. Still no rain, the leaves are falling…we didn’t get a proper spring but it looks like we’ll get a long autumn. Love to you both xx

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