The air is filled with the scent of roses and the humming of insects. The garden is full of blossom and poetry. Time to stop and smell the roses…time to enjoy their ethereal beauty. 🙏

Die Luft ist erfĂŒllt vom Duft der Rosen und dem Summen der Insekten. Der Garten ist voller BlĂŒten und Poesie. Zeit innezuhalten und an den Rosen zu schnuppern, ihre flĂŒchtige Schönheit zu geniessen. 🙏

Rosa sancta
R. sancta
Rosa ‚Heavenly Pink‘, ‚Munstead Wood‘ (left) and ‚The Generous Gardener‘ (right)
R. ‚AlbĂ©ric Barbier‘
R. ‚Sourire d’OrchidĂ©e‘
R. ‚Cornelia‘
R. ‚Ghislaine de FĂ©ligonde‘
Rosa ‚Guirlande rose‘ & ‚Guirlande d’amour‘
Rosa ‚Highdownensis‘
R. ‚Cardinal de Richelieu‘
R. ‚Scharlachglut‘
R. ‚Blush Noisette‘
R. ‚Tapis magique‘
Rosa ‚Pierre de Ronsard‘
Rosa ‚La Belle Sultane‘
Rosa ‚La Negresse‘ & ‚The Alexandra Rose‘
Rosa ‚Ferdinand Prichard‘
Rosa ‚William Lobb‘
Rosa ‚New Dawn‘ & ‚AlbĂ©ric Barbier‘
Rosa ‚Narrow Water‘

Thanks to Cathy for hosting the vase on a Monday – please pop over to her to see what others have come up with today. My vase features Astrantia, Leucanthemum and lots of roses…hmmm, heavenly scent! â˜ș Wishing you a flower-filled week!

Vergesst nicht, euch bei Cathy die Vasen der anderen Blogger anzuschauen. In meiner Vase seht ihr Astrantia, Leucanthemum und gaaaaanz viele Rosen…welch himmlischer Duft! â˜ș Ich wĂŒnsche euch eine blumengefĂŒllte Woche!

35 thoughts

  1. Oh my gosh, your vase is quite perfect, and seeing the roses in your garden!! La Belle Sultane I think may be my favourite, although the white one, at the beginning, against the stone beautiful!

  2. My goodness your flowers are just gorgeous. As I scrolled through I wondered what beautiful arrangement you would make. I could smell it from here. What a beautiful arrangement and garden. I agree, you live in heaven.

    1. Thank you, Donna, my garden is my refuge and although the roses are so fleeting, they give me much joy. Glad you were able to smell the scent – it’s truly gorgeous 😀

  3. Eine so schön wie die andere! Ich könnte unmöglich eine Favoritin herauslesen. Und der Strauß ist herrlich romantisch, die Essenz des Sommers đŸŒč. Geniesse es!

  4. Glorious roses, Annette, and no wonder your garden is your very own Garden of Eden! I have always loved astrantia too so your vase is a delight – thanks for sharing it

  5. Was fĂŒr ein wunderbarer, verschwenderischer Überfluss, mit der Gelassenheit – sich nĂ€chstes Jahr aufs Neue
    Ein sehr schöner, ĂŒppiger Strauß.

    Meinen schönsten Strauß sehe ich , wenn ich in Nachbars Garten schaue. Sie lassen immer ein StĂŒck Wiese
    lange stehen und nun blĂŒhen ĂŒber und ĂŒber Margeriten und viele andere Wiesenblumen. ( Du weist, ich kenn mich nicht aus…)
    Herzlichst, Angela

    1. Das hast du sehr poetisch ausgedrĂŒckt 🙏 wir sollten uns an ihnen ein Beispiel nehmen. Die Margeriten ĂŒbernehmen hier auch langsam den Garten, so gibt’s reichlich Blumen fĂŒr die Vase. Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe

  6. Wow, when your roses arrive they do it in a grand style! I’m not sure I’ve seen a rose display that abundant here outside of an botanic garden. I love your arrangement too. I wish I could grow Astrantia – I’ve tried and failed twice now but then I even have limited success with roses.

    1. Hi Kris, I haven’t even shown all of them. 😀 I had the Astrantia in a border before but they didn’t thrive at all. Then I moved them to the potager where they get watered regularly, they haven’t looked back. The plant comes from moist meadows in coolish mountain areas, no wonder they sulk in our gardens.

  7. Toll eingefangen, liebe Annette, du hast ein solches Auge fĂŒrs Fotografieren und Filmen. Danke auch fĂŒr die stimmungsvollen YT videos. 🙏

    1. They’re growing so vigorously, blocking paths that I can cut plenty at the moment without feeling guilty. And yes, the scent is truly amazing. Have a good week, Amy

  8. How wonderful your roses are Annette! I wonder if you have a favourite or two? It must smell so good in your garden. 😃 The bowl of roses et al is so uplifting. đŸ€— Wishing you some gentle overnight rain that won’t spoil them.

    1. No such luck and no more rain in sight but at least it’s cooler. My favourite roses are definitely the Louis Lens roses, Tapis volant being one of the most charming. 🙂

  9. I knew you had some beautiful roses Annette but really didn’t have a sense of just how many. I can only imagine the experience of being surrounded by their beauty and scent. Your vase is over the top gorgeous.

    1. Thank you, Susie, and these are only some of them. Thinking of how short the average attention span is these days I didn’t want to push my luck. 😉 I’m delighted that you like the bouquet, it was more about arranging than plonking this time 😀

  10. I just can’t begin to imagine the scent that must float through the air in your garden Annette! It must be an absolute pleasure to sit and breath it in. You are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to filling vases 😂

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