The world loses itself 
in the fog
trees ghost-like 
fading into the distance
a numbing silence 
am I all alone?

Pigeon ballet
for a fleeting moment
I wish I could take wing
a feather is falling to the ground
like a farewell.
Too late
I turn to go home.

Music: Something darker by Spectacles wallet and watch

You can see that after losing myself in the fog I was in need of a shot…a shot of colour that is! First tulips of the season and no, they’re not from my garden 😉. Don’t forget to pop over to Cathy to see the vases of my fellow bloggers. Wishing you a good week 🌷

35 thoughts

  1. Hi Annette! Ooh, I am so envious of those gorgeous tulips! My supermarket actually didn’t have ANY when I last went. I do hope you get some sunshine soon. It helps lift the spirits. It is very wet, windy and chilly here, but I will be taking a Monday walk again this evening to blow away the cobwebs. 😉 Sending smiles and hugs. 😃🤗

    1. Wet, windy and chilly here too but some sun this morning. I was so thrilled when I spotted the tulips. Hope all is well and you’re managing to stay positive and sane. Big hug

  2. Die Welt verliert sich wirklich im Nebel, aber in manchen Teilen lichtet er sich nun zum Glück ;). Tolle Diashow, perfekt ausgewählte Musik…und dein Strauß war genau was ich brauche 😀

  3. I do so look forward to my own tulips have steadfastly refused to buy myself any flowers since I began IAVOM. I hope they lifted your spirits a little though, Annette, and you were able to find comfort in the sanctity of your own home.

    1. Even to walk in the fog my spirits were lifted, it’s such a peculiar atmosphere and the head gardener is such good company. I just read a poem by Mary Oliver about the forest and that she’s very careful about whom she’ll take for company as many would spoil the experience.

      1. That’s a good point about our comapanion on a walk, Annette, but I am glad to read that your spirits were lifted by the walk, despite the fog

      2. Being out in nature is very good for the soul, no matter what weather, and it amazes me every time how much beauty you can find when you look properly. 🙂

  4. The poem captures the experience of being out in fog so well Annette. Did you write it? Gorgeous tulips. I must confess that feeling in need of some instant sunshine I bought a couple of bunches of daffodils this weekend 😂

    1. Yes, the words just came while I was editing the slideshow. I’d love some daffodils, maybe they’ll be available later this month. Snowdrops are so late due to the cold.

  5. The poem and the slideshow are well-married, Annette. I think you secured many beautiful foggy shots too! However, the photo of the brightly colored tulips was a welcome contrast to the slides.

    1. Thank you, Maureen, I found that stone on a beach on the island of Rügen. It reminds me of a bird. The book, a prop rather, is very old and called „Flowers of the field“. The drawings are so pretty.

    1. Pity! But I’m glad you like the tulips 🤗 Went to the snowdrop wood yesterday, it’s magical. So warm these days, spring is definitely in the air. The longer days are good for the soul. Big hug for you, Julie xx

  6. Ich wollte Ihnen sagen, dass ich Ihr Buch Wabi Sabi sehr liebe. Es ist voller Weisheit und Tiefgang. Das etwas oder besser: ganz andere Gartenbuch. Bravo 🙂

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