You remember last Monday when I proudly showed you the flowers in my garden? Well, it’s quite a different picture this week. It has been very frosty for the past couple of days and it’s supposed to get worse. The oleanders are wrapped up in thick blankets and more pots have since moved to the frost-free greenhouse. As much as I like the crisp and sunny weather, I must admit that I can’t wait for it to get milder. I’m so much looking forward to visiting my magical snowdrop wood. Today’s vase features Hydrangea, Abelia and Sedum which have been faithfully sitting there for the past couple of months and still look good. Even more beautiful than the dried flowerheads of Hydrangea macrophylla are those of H. quercifolia and H. paniculata, don’t you think? For more vases pop over to Cathy at Rambling in the garden who is kindly hosting the Monday vase. Have a good week and stay warm!

Erinnert ihr euch an letzten Montag, als ich stolz meine Blüten präsentierte? Naja, die Sache sieht diese Woche ganz anders aus. Es ist frostig-kalt und soll noch kälter werden. Die Oleander stehen in dicke Decken gehüllt an der Hauswand, und noch mehr Töpfe sind ins frostfreie Gewächshaus gewandert. So schön das trockene, sonnige Wetter ist, ich kann’s kaum erwarten, bis es milder wird und ich in meinen magischen Schneeglöckchenwald gehen kann. In meinem Strauss, der schon seit Monaten dort auf dem Tisch steht und noch immer gut aussieht, seht ihr Abelienzweige, Hortensien- und Sedumblüten. Noch zauberhafter als die getrockneten Blüten von Hydrangea macrophylla sind jene von H. querfifolia und H. paniculata, findet ihr nicht auch? Mehr Vasen gibt’s bei Cathy von Rambling in the garden, die die Montagsvase vor einigen Jahren ins Leben gerufen hat. Habt eine gute Wochen und haltet euch schön warm!

Brr, so beautiful but so cold out there…
Hydrangea quercifolia & H. paniculata ‚Phantom‘

28 thoughts

    1. It was definitely a beautiful light on that day. We’re in the fog now which will last another day. It was absolutely awesome to see it arrive last night when it sneaked up the valleys swallowing everything in its path.

  1. Your winter scenery is very pretty (even if in reality the temperatures associated with the scene undoubtedly would be a shock to my system). In my opinion Hydrangeas are worth growing just for the dried blooms. Sadly, the plants want more water than I’ve been able to provide in my current garden.

  2. They are indeed lovely… each one of them, and the dried H paniculata takes the sunglow so beautifully! Stay warm! 😉 Greetings from Arizona!

      1. Thank you, Annette. Things are much better now that we’ve moved to southern Arizona and I can start another desert garden. 🙂

      2. That’s exciting, Amy, looking forward to seeing more of it. Do you have a new website? I bookmarked the old one which seems to have been deactivated. Best wishes

  3. Yes, definitely beauty in those dried hydrangeas! Hope you get to visit your snowdrop wood soon – do you know if the snowdrops are in bloom yet? Here, my ’natives‘ are still just pushing through

    1. they’ve been pushing through the leaves for a while but the cold has set them back, I think it may take another 10 days or so depending on the duration of the ice age 😉

  4. Pretty. 😃 And the light in your garden is always magical, even in winter. Hope your frosty weather is over soon, as you have some tender plants to look out for. I am actually quite happy my garden will be covered in more snow tomorrow as it is so brown and soggy right now! Stay warn Annette! 🤗

  5. Oh these flowers look just as good as earlier in the year but in a different way. Of course some cold weather and frosts are good for the garden but I’ve had enough now 😂 I hope that you are having a milder spell and that you can get to that snowdrop wood. I’m looking forward to seeing some photos when you do.

    1. I’ve had enough too, it’s been a very frosty month and I’m so looking forward to making a film of the magical woodland. The poor snowdrops are late this year! Thanks for popping in, Anna 🙂

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