There are always flowers for those who want to see them.

Henry matisse

Sending some sun and flowers your way as we dive into September, one of my favourite months. The sun is losing the fierceness of summer, her touch becoming gentle and soothing. The garden and landscape are bathed in golden light. Spiders are busy weaving, birds and butterflies are fluttering about happily. I hope you too find comfort and strength in your gardens. Today’s vase features sunflowers, Zinnia, mint and Sambucus ebulus, the latter growing wild here. Thanks to Cathy for hosting the Vase on a Monday. Make sure you pop over to her to see what others have put into their vases today. I’ve also done a video showing the highlights of our summer garden. It’s in German but as the plant names are Latin it may still be of interest. Wishing you happy late summer days 🙂

Sonnige und blumige Grüsse an euch alle. Der September ist einer meiner Lieblingsmonate. Die Sonne ist nicht mehr so intensiv wie im Sommer, ihre Berührung sanfter und wohltuend. Garten und Landschaft sind in goldenes Licht getaucht. Spinnen weben eifrig ihre Netze, Vögel und Schmetterlinge flattern fröhlich durch die Lüfte. Ich hoffe, auch ihr findet Trost und Kraft in euren Gärten. In meiner Vase seht ihr Sonnenblumen, Zinnien, Minze und Sambucus ebulus, der wild bei uns wächst. Schaut euch bei Cathy die Vasen der anderen Blogger an. Ich habe auch ein kleines Video mit den Gartenhighlights im Sommer gemacht. Geniesst die Spätsommertage 🙂

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  1. Your vase offering today is an imaginative, expressive creation. The peachy, caramel sunflower seems the focal point but the hat draws the eye back toward the sunflower and down to admire the details and colors of the vase. Perfection. Your summer garden takes my breath away, Annette.

  2. Your vase arrangement is so beautiful. I love how it still has that summer quality, but the colors are a beautiful announcement that autumn is coming. And thank you for sharing the video of your garden in summer. I loved every minute of it. Clearly a labor of love.

    1. Thank you, Cathy, my vases will always be wild and romantic, I think, but that’s the great thing about IAVOAM (and about everything else for that matter), that we’re all so different.

  3. You have a glorious summer garden, Annette! I’m impressed by all the roses still in full bloom. (My own roses, few in number to begin with, have mostly been AWOL this year as they like water and we’ve had precious little of that.) I was delighted to see both your Head Gardener and a hedgehog in your video too. I adore your vase. Not only is the arrangement beautiful but you photographed it with a perfect background, reflecting the wonderful light in your garden.

    1. For the first time since we’ve bought the place the roses are putting on a show throughout summer. Usually it’s way too hot and dry. Thank you for your appreciation, Kris 🙏

  4. That is so pretty Annette. Beautifully arranged. The sunflower is a gorgeous shade and the colours are gentle and soothing, like the September light. I enjoyed your video so much and will watch it again later! 😃 Yes, our gardens are a comfort amd I would certainly have gone insane without mine. Keep smiling Annette. 💕

    1. So glad you enjoyed both the vase and the video, Cathy, thank you. I’m waiting for the promised thunderstorm which will hopefully save my thirsty garden. Have a good week xx

  5. That’s a beautiful sunflower Annette – do you know which variety it is? September is my most favourite month after May and such a good time to look ahead and think of next year’s garden. Saving your video for a rainy day – we’re promised one tomorrow which will be welcome 😄

  6. Das Eingangsfoto ist so wunderschön, Annette! Eine Stimme zum Foto (und so eine angenehme dazu, plus der hübsche Dialekt, der durchschlägt), das ist ein schöner Spaziergang mit dir. Bei mir gewittert es gerade, eben sogar mit Hagel. Da war der Spaziergang durch deinen Garten höchst willkommen.
    Viele liebe Grüße, genieß den Spätsommer!

    1. Auweia, ich hoffe, der Hagel hat keinen Schaden angerichtet! Danke, dass du mit auf den Spaziergang gekommen bist, liebe Doris, auch dir schöne Septembertage und bis bald 🌻🙂

  7. Wishing you happy autumn days Annette .. my fav season. Oh your garden is just divine! So many beautiful roses! Those shots of the bees are wonderful … they really look like they are posing for the camera! Thanks for sharing the beauty

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