It is a serious thing just to be alive on this fresh morning in this broken world.

Mary oliver

The roses have started to flower and I spend quite a bit of time smelling them and trying to put into words how they smell…which is actually not that easy! I remember doing a wine tasting in South Africa once. We got a list and had to mark the different flavours which we detected. I was intrigued by the diversity and realised that I still think way to little about the different sensations we experience while eating and drinking. I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. And I love entertaining and sharing my passion for food and wine with friends. Although I eat and drink mindfully (mostly that is), I must also try to analyse the flavours more consciously. Anyway, my roses all smell delicious, so it’s no surprise that they feature in my vase today. I also did a nightshift to edit the footage for my video in which I take you around the garden just after sunrise…the tour usually takes 2 hours but fear not, I’ve actually managed to squeeze it into 12 minutes. 😁 In it you’ll see ‚The Generous Gardener‘ amongst other roses. She truly lives up to her name and is a joy to behold. Not a great choice for the vase because its peony-flowered, scented flowers don’t last long but still, isn’t it all the more magical because it’s so ephemeral? Do pop over to Cathy’s Rambling in the garden who’s hosting the Monday vase. Wishing you happy June days 😘

Die Rosen haben angefangen zu blühen, und ich verbringe viel Zeit damit, an ihnen zu schnuppern und ihren Duft in Worte zu fassen…was gar nicht so leicht ist! Einmal war ich an einer Weinprobe in Südafrika. Wir bekamen eine Liste, auf der wir die verschiedenen Geschmacksnuancen markieren mussten. Ich war fasziniert von der Vielfalt und stellte fest, dass ich immer noch zu wenig über diese Sinneseindrücke nachdenke, wenn ich esse und trinke. Ich koche und experimentiere gerne. Und ich teile diese Leidenschaft gern mit Freunden. Obwohl ich (meistens) bewusst esse und trinke, möchte ich künftig den unterschiedlichen Aromen und Geschmackseindrücken mehr Aufmerksamkeit schenken. Nichtsdestotrotz, meine Rosen duften himmlisch, und es überrascht sicher niemanden, dass sie heute den Weg in meine Vase gefunden haben. Ich habe am Wochenende eine Nachtschicht eingelegt, um das Video von meinem Gartenrundgang kurz nach Sonnenaufgang fertigzustellen. Dieser dauert gewöhnlich zwei Stunden, aber habt keine Angst, ich habe ihn in 12 Minuten gequetscht. 😁 Darin seht ihr neben anderen Rosen auch ‚The Generous Gardener‘, die ihrem Namen alle Ehre macht. Für die Vase ist sie weniger geeignet, weil ihre pfingstrosenartigen, duftenden Blüten nach dem Schnitt nicht lange halten. Aber der Zauber liegt ja gerade in der Vergänglichkeit. Vergesst nicht, bei Cathys Rambling in the garden vorbeizuschauen, die die Montagsvase ausrichtet. Ich wünsche euch frohe Junitage 😘

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  1. Oh what a glorious confection of roses, Annette, and how much you must be enjoying their fragrances! Here, ours are much later than last year and I think there are only about 3 blooms in evidence so far – but lots of big fat buds which will be flowering ready for our visitors in a little while. I shall come back later to watch your video as I hope to do my end of month post and video tonight when I have finished IAVOM comments!

    1. Just spotted your comment! The roses are late here too and it looks as if we can enjoy them longer too as it isn’t as hot as in other years. Don’t work too hard and find time to enjoy your garden too, Cathy.

  2. Thank you for the tour of your magnificent garden, Annette! I love all those wonderful stacked-stone walls but appreciated your plants and the romantic ambience of the place even more. I was also amused that we both chose to comment on scent this week. I’ve long been aware that I don’t have the most discerning of noses when it comes to analyzing plant fragrances, nor the eloquence necessary to describe them.

  3. Oh those roses are simply glorious Annette and you have found the perfect container for them. I can just imagine the scent. Just a couple in flower here so far. I’m looking forward to seeing the newest ones flower sometime this month. I will save your your tour until a suitable morning when my eyes are less tired. Mary Oliver could have been writing those words today! Wishing you a most happy June too 😄

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Annette! The vase is pretty and your garden is amazing! I esoecially love the stone wall and the willow. 😃 I hope you take the time to sit for a moment in all those lovely seating areas hiding around the next corner. 😉 How long have you been there? Having established trees and shrubs and some stone structures gives such character to the place. And the climbing plants on the house wall are terrific. Well done Annette! You have created a paradise. 🤗

    1. Thank you, Cathy, I actually do take time to sit and enjoy but the jungle-like growth in spring definitely keeps me on my toes. We’ve bought the place almost 10 years ago. There were just some shrubs and trees. The willow is my favourite too! Monsieur built the walls, there were some ruins covered in soil. I’ve added most of the climbing plants on the house wall, it’s all very wild and romantic. ☺️

  5. Wunderschön, der Garten im frischen Morgenlicht. Aber es ist in Wirklichkeit ein Park.
    Ein Anwesen. Möchte man denn dann überhaupt weg und dann wohin, und dann wozu ?
    Dein letzter Satz hat es in sich, “ der Zauber des Vergänglichen “ – da muss ich länger darüber denken.
    Herzlichst, Angela

    1. Ein Park ist übertrieben, es ist eigentlich sehr intim. Ein schönes Zuhause war mir immer sehr wichtig, und nun hat es –wenn überhaupt möglich– noch mehr an Bedeutung gewonnen. Was das Vergängliche angeht, so ist es schon so, dass wir Dinge mehr wertschätzen, deren Zauber oder Schönheit nur von kurzer Dauer ist. Sonnige Junitage wünsche ich dir 🙂

  6. Annette, I saw this post earlier with these invitingly beautiful roses but waited to comment until I had time to sit back and watch the video. Your garden place is everything a garden should be and for those twelve minutes I felt transported into its beauty and peacefulness. The fragrance can only be imagined but the nature and character of your graceful setting is apparent. Hugs and Happy Week to you.

    1. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words, Susie, so happy that you found the time to come along for the tour. I wish you a very happy, flower-filled and creative summer 🙂

  7. Ein Traumgarten, herzlichen Glückwunsch! So gern hätte ich mehr über die Rosensorten gewusst. Vielleicht machst du mal ein Video mit Erläuterungen? Das wäre super 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Julie, we shall never forget the lovely evening we spent with you both here. Looking forward to repeating it soon😊 hugs for you both xx

  8. Gorgeous, Annette! Even when I write, I have to remind myself to notice how things smell – it’s an overlooked sense. It’s the reason why when I teach writers, I always introduce the 5 senses very early on. We experience things through the senses, but sometimes don’t pay attention to them.

    1. Dear Cynthia, you‘re so right and I fear that we lose a lot -or most!- of what we‘re capable of when we‘re growing up. It‘s important and challenging to remind ourselves of these things, to stay on our toes, to stay curious and keep experiencing things like a child…but it‘s possible through authenticity and mindfulness. Let us not be bend by the system which strives to eradicate all this 🙌

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