…to a place where May behaves like May! It has been the coldest May in a long time and after an unusually dry start to spring Peter, or whoever is responsible for the weather up there, is throwing water at us by the bucketful. And it’s cold too! The head gardener has curled up in front of the fire and refuses to work outside. We’ve been away for a while and the place looks like a jungle, so I can hardly blame her! 😉 So here are some pics of the garden which I took at the end of April when Rosa banksiae still looked very promising…she has since turned into mush thanks to the heavy rain, I’ve no hope that the remaining brown buds will open but alas, the rain was needed as the weeping willow had already started to shed leaves. In my vase you see the last of the tulips from the pots which I cut to make room for summer flowers. Tulips and cow parsley – a combination so pretty and romantic and impossible to resist. 🙂 Don’t forget to check out all the vases over @Cathy’s Rambling in the garden, our charming IAVOAM hostess. Wishing you a good week!

…an einen Ort, an dem sich der Mai benimmt wie es sich gehört! Es ist der kälteste Mai seit langer Zeit, und nach einem bislang sehr trockenen Frühjahr schüttet Petrus, oder wer auch immer da oben fürs Wetter zuständig ist, nun einen Kübel Wasser nach dem anderen über uns aus. Und kalt ist es auch! Die Obergärtnerin liegt zusammengekringelt vor dem Ofen und weigert sich, draussen ihrer Arbeit nachzugehen. Wir waren eine Weile weg, und der Garten hat sich in einen Dschungel verwandelt, deshalb kann ich es ihr nicht übel nehmen. 😉 Hier sind einige Bilder, die ich Ende April vom Garten gemacht habe. Damals sah Rosa banksiae noch sehr vielversprechend aus…seither haben sich die Blüten in braunen Matsch verwandelt und meine Hoffnung, dass sich die verbliebenen Knospen noch öffnen werden, hat sich im Dauerregen verflüchtigt. Naja, der Regen war dringend nötig, die Trauerweide hatte bereits begonnen, die Blätter abzuwerfen. In meiner Vase seht ihr die letzten Tulpen aus den Töpfen, die dem Sommerflor weichen mussten, mit Wiesenkerbel, eine solch hübsche und romantische Kombination, der man nicht widerstehen kann. 🙂 Schaut auch bei Cathy @Rambling in the garden die anderen Vasen an. Habt eine gute Woche!

Lime tree after the appointment with the hairdresser…die Linde nach ihrem Friseurtermin 😉
Rosa banksiae, Ceanothus ‚Concha‘ & Deutzia gracilis…and the head gardener 😉
Rosa banksiae & Clematis montana ‚Freda‘
Wisteria, Euphorbia characias, Phlomis fruticosa & Ceanothus ‚Concha‘
Spring magic in the former orchard… Frühlingszauber im ehemaligen Obstgarten
Rosa ‚Munstead Wood‘ and Cerinthe major ‚Purpurascens‘ in the sunken garden/ im Senkgarten
Things are growing nicely in the potager…im Gemüsegarten wächst es munter…
Meanwhile in Pompeii… derweil in Pompeji…
Conservatory terrace…Terrasse am Wintergarten…
Euonymus alatus, Euphorbia griffithii ‚Fireglow‘ & Epimedium ‚Orangekönigin‘

Et voilà my vase 🙂

29 thoughts

  1. Sieht wunderschön aus, dein Ende-April-Garten und auch im nassen Zustand jetzt ist er sicher nicht häßlich. Wir haben zum Glück die zwar kalte, aber trockene Periode Ende April/Anfang Mai genutzt, um ein prächtiges Hochbeet zu bauen. In den letzten nassen Tagen hätte das nicht funktioniert. Aber der Natur tut der Regen gut und die jungen Pflänzchen im Hochbeet sind bestens am Gedeihen.
    Liebe Grüße und eine schöne Woche (auch, wenn wir den restlichen Wonnemonat Mai wettertechnisch wohl abschreiben können), Jana

    1. Liebe Jana, das mit dem Hochbeet hört sich super an, vielleicht magst du bei Gelegenheit ein Bild schicken 🙂 Natürlich tut der Regen gut, und da die Wetterleute sich schwer tun, die Vorhersage für die nächsten zwei Tage richtig hinzubekommen, habe ich Hoffnung, dass wir den Mai noch nicht ganz abschreiben müssen. Hoffe, es geht dir gut. Sei lieb gegrüßt

  2. Your garden looks splendid as always, Annette, and that last pic of your vase is awesome. I agree tulips and cow parsley are hard to beat 🙂 Is this ‚Queen of the night‘? Have a good week

  3. Your garden has that wonderful spring look, and I just love the way your Head Gardener is poised to point out the slightest misplacement. Do dogroses feature in hedges? Nice IAVOM, set against grass and beautifully backlit.

  4. The garden looks gorgeous. Happy to see your cerinthe looking lovely. Mine is going to seed now and I’m trying to save some. The pail of tulips and cow parsley is a dreamy expression of spring. Take care.

  5. Lovely to see the photos of your pretty spring garden, Annette. April was chilly and very dry here, but May is damper and mild although probably not as warm as a typical May. Your bucket of tulips is lovely – would they usually be over before the cow parsley was in bloom?

  6. The tulip arrangement is spectacular, Annette! I love the color mix. Your April garden looked gorgeous and I’m sure your May garden will as well once it recovers from its drenching. We’ve had so little rain here this year (some experts are referring to a „megadrought“ in process), I can’t help being envious of your downpour.

    1. As we get long periods of drought I know how you feel and won’t complain about the rain. Apart from the Banks rose everything looks fine still, thankfully.

  7. Gorgeous vase and wonderful photos of yoir garden Annette. 😃 It hasn’t been too cold here for a few days now, but wet! I think we may disappear from the landscape soon if the grass continues to grow at this pace before we can get to cut it! We can almost watch the growth happening right now. A busy but amazing time of the year outdoors. I spent the day dodging rainshowers. When it rained I did some potting up of Pelargoniums in the barn. Your potager looks very promising. 😃 Wishing you some drier days Annette! 🤗☀️🐝

    1. Every spring I get this feeling that I’ll never be able to manage to stay on top of things but somehow I do. Things slow down big time by the end of June. Mowed the grass – I also was afraid that we’d disappear from the landscape 😉 it was a struggle but looks better now. Do you have Pelargonium sidoides?

      1. I had to look that one up… no, I haven’t been able to find any scented ones yet.Are they the ones that smell like a cross between roses and lemons? I used to get cuttings from Günter’s Auntie years ago, and then she died and her beloved geraniums probably went on the compost heap!

      2. Never noticed the scent but will watch out for it. When is the best time to post cuttings? I’m very happy to send you one 🙂

    1. Thank you, Julie, it’s being put to the test with all the rain 🙈. Autumn is a great time when the pressure eases and there’s more time to relax and enjoy the fruit of your labour. No doubt you’re harvesting lots of goodies. Have a good weekend, big hug xx

  8. Oh I do hope that there is room on that transporter for me too Annette but if not I will have to seek out a spare tardis so that I can join you in an alternative May! Your May sounds much the same as mine – pretty grim on the whole but a bonus is that all the wet stuff has made your garden look so fresh and lush. What are the sultry looking tulips in your vase?

    1. The way it looks it won’t get better until the end of the week, Anna, but you’re right at least everything’s looking fresh. The black one is Queen of the night and the red one could be Prinses Irene.

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