Yes, in spite of the ongoing madness there are reasons to be happy. One of them is that spring is here, and sun and flowers definitely help to brighten our days. It’s so important to focus on positive things! I’ve immersed myself in some creative projects. Being creative and busy helps me to stay sane. Then there are lovely things happening, and one of them is that my latest book has also made it onto the SPIEGEL bestseller list! There are no words to describe how thrilled I am, and to celebrate the occasion I’ve prepared the counterpart to last week’s shrinking vase 😉 Hope you like my daffodil-cerinthe-willow mix, I personally think it’s very cheerful 😀 . As always thanks to Cathy for hosting the vase on a Monday. Pop over to her blog to admire the creations of my fellow bloggers. Wishing you a sunny, creative week!

Ja, trotz des fortwährenden Wahnsinns gibt es Gründe zur Freude. Einer davon ist der Frühling, denn Sonne und Blumen machen unsere Tage definitiv fröhlicher. Es ist so wichtig, sich auf positive Dinge zu konzentrieren! Ich habe mich in etliche kreative Projekte vertieft. Kreativität und Arbeit helfen mir dabei, nicht durchzudrehen. Dann passieren immer wieder schöne Dinge, z.B. ist auch mein neues Buch auf der SPIEGEL Bestsellerliste gelandet! Ich kann euch nicht sagen, wie glücklich mich das macht! Ich danke all meinen Lesern von ganzem Herzen – eure Anerkennung gibt mir so viel Kraft. Zur Feier des Tages habe ich das Gegenstück zur „Schrumpfvase“ von letzter Woche vorbereitet 😉 Ich hoffe, euch gefällt mein Osterglocken-Cerinthe-Weiden-Mix, ich finde, es sieht sehr heiter aus 😀 . Schaut euch bei Cathy die Kreationen meiner Bloggerfreunde an. Ich wünsche euch eine sonnige, kreative Woche!

30 thoughts

  1. Wunderschön, deine Narzissen mit Weide! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum tollen Erfolg deines Buches … und es freut mich sehr, zu lesen, dass es dir wieder gut geht 🙂 Melde mich bald per Mail. Liebe Grüße und eine schöne Woche, Jana

    1. Liebe Jana, danke für deinen lieben Kommentar. Seit ich sehe, wohin die Reise geht, versuche ich noch mehr als früher, meine verbleibende Zeit gut zu nutzen. Schöne Ostern für euch

  2. How thrilling for you to have had your book so well received. Lovely fresh spring vase to welcome the Easter period. Congratulations.

  3. Oh that is such exciting news about your book, Annette – did any of the others get into the best sellers‘ list? Well done for your achievements 👍 The willow trailing from your jug with the daffodils looks really effective and the blue of the cerinthe makes a great contrast. Best wishes to you both

  4. Congratulations Annette! You’re pretty amazing. Love your container of flowers. The pitcher is just perfectly winsome and I spy some beautiful cerinthe tying the colors together. Enjoy a lovely week.

  5. Congratulations! I hope you had a glass of something nice to celebrate too! 🍾🥂Well deserved too. 😃
    Your narcissi are so beautiful and I love the way you have used willow trailing over the egdes. Focusing on being creative is such a great way to cope. I have been busy in the garden as my distraction right now. Then I am too tired to think by the time I have cooked dinner! LOL!

    1. yes, we did 🙂 thank you, Cathy! I think without my creativity I’d already have become part of the covid statistics 🤣 glad you’re busy, stay positive, we’ll get through this xx

  6. A lovely vase Annette. I used to have cerinthe self seeding at the allotment but none in the garden so I will have to remedy that. Many congratulations on the success of your book. Does the word spiegel translate as mirror? I have vague memories of a film version of ‚Snow White‘ in which the word was used. Wishing you a happy Easter and hope that it is warm enough for some gardening.

    1. We’ve skipped spring and landed right in summer, Anna. Yes, you’re right about the mirror „Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand“ (mirror, mirror on the wall)

  7. Congratulations about your book Annette, that is great news. I hear you’ve been having wonderful weather, we did too last week but it’s very cold now, even a few snowflakes. Still the garden looks spring like, aren’t spring flowers just the best?

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