The stars of today’s vase should have been Chrysanthemum which has been flowering for weeks and the gorgeous, old rose ‚Blush Noisette‘ which is just putting on its third and last show of the year…but then the head gardener came along and well, insisted on playing the main part. She’s usually not fond of being photographed but today I just couldn’t get her away from that chair. Maybe she was trying to figure out a way to get into it. In any case she made me laugh (which is good!) and I leave it to you to decide who’s more beautiful – the flowers or her ladyship. 😉 The shrub next to the chair is Choisya ternata by the way, a fab plant for the dry and hot garden which is reliably flowering twice a year and perfumes the garden along with Elaeagnus ebbingei right now. As always check out the vases of my fellow bloggers over at Cathy’s lovely blog Rambling in the garden. Wishing you a good start into December 🙂

Die Stars der heutigen Vase sollten eigentlich Chrysanthemen und die zauberhafte, alte Rose ‚Blush Noisette‘ sein, die gerade zum dritten Mal blüht…aber dann kam die Obergärtnerin und bestand darauf, die Hauptrolle zu spielen. Normalerweise ist sie eher kamerascheu, aber heute konnte ich sie absolut nicht vom Stuhl loseisen. Vielleicht war sie versucht, sich dort niederzulassen. Auf jeden Fall hat sie mich zum Lachen gebracht (gut so!), und ich überlasse euch die Entscheidung, wer schöner ist – die Blumen oder Ihre Ladyschaft. 😉 Der Strauch neben dem Stuhl ist übrigens eine Orangenblume (Choisya ternata), eine wunderbare Pflanze für trockene, heisse Gärten. Sie blüht zweimal im Jahr und erfüllt den Garten mit ihrem Duft, derzeit im Duett mit der Immergrünen Ölweide (Elaeagnus). Schaut euch auf Cathys schönem Blog Rambling in the garden die Vasen der anderen Blogger an. Ich wünsche euch einen guten Start in den Dezember 🙂

Enjoying the last day of November…
Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand… / Mirror, mirror on the wall… 😉
Chrysanthemum & Rosa ‚Blush Noisette‘
Choisya ternata

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  1. Liebe Annette, auch wenn die Blumen sehr schön sind – ihre Ladyschaft stiehlt ihnen ganz klar die Show. Gut, dass sie auf dem Shooting bestanden hat 😉 Bei euch scheint ja noch ein Hauch Herbst zu herrschen. Dank eines Winter-Kurzbesuchs konnte ich heute früh im bereiften Garten pinke Restrosen mit Eiskristallen fotografieren.
    Liebe Grüße, Jana

  2. I am not a ‚dog person‘, Annette, but agree that Her Ladyship is a very fine aristocrat 😁 Always good to see your lovely photographs too, whatever the contents! I noticed buds on my Choisya ‚White Dazzler‘ the other day, so must look out to see if they open and maybe provide material for a vase. Best wishes to you both

    1. This summer we stayed in the B&B of an English lady on our way to Brittany who’s a cat lady. She fell in love with the head gardener straight away and invited her into the house (which is usually a dog free zone). It was so funny to see how she was mesmerized by her ladyship’s pleasant manners and charm. 😀 White Dazzler isn’t in flower here but then it’s early days, still a baby.

  3. I love the way she is posing for the photo . And she does add to the composition. Choisyas seem to work to their own timetable, I never know when mine are going to decide to bloom.
    The chrysanthemum is a perfect match for the beautiful rose. All lovely.

    1. Yes, that’s true and it’s a bonus when they flower unharmed by heavy frost which is the case so far. Apart from drought resistant it’s also very hardy and survived 12 days of -12/10°C in 2012.

  4. I’m glad to see Her Ladyship! Given your description of her persistent demand for attention, her behavior sounds very cat-like. I hope she won’t hear that as an insult as it’s not meant as one. Your Chrysanthemums are lovely but the Choisya appeals to me even more.

    1. I think it was more a matter of telling me she needs a blanket 😅, she’s from South Africa and not very fond of the cold. The choisya would be a good choice for your Californian garden no doubt.

  5. She is gorgeous, but the vase is too! My Chrysanths got spoilt a bit by rain and frost so lovely to see yours still looking quite fresh. And the light in your garden is pretty…. beautiful photo of your Choisya shrub with the sun lighting it up. 😃

    1. Thank you, glad you like them. I keep the pot against the house wall so that cold and rain don’t spoil the flowers. Thank you for popping in and leaving such a nice comment. 🙂

  6. Your sweet dog is so photographic and poses so beautifully. What would we do without our beloved dogs during these stressful times. I’m so often thankful they don’t know what is going on.
    I am also taken with all your greenery and and that you still have flowers. It is in the mid 20’s F at night and we have 3-4 inches of snow on the ground. That is early for here, but still, we are long past where your lovely garden is. I always enjoy your beautiful photos and even more now that they are still so full of green, sunshine, and flowers.

    1. I’m so glad you also have a four-legged companion, Cindy 🙂 Although they may not know exactly what’s going on, I’m sure they sense that something isn’t right. Monday was the last day of sunshine, it’s cold and grey now but to see the flowers and buds coming up is such a comfort. That’s why my second home is in the South! Thank you for popping in, always lovely to see you here x

    1. Thank you, Julie, it’s great to have some flowers still in December and before too long the days will get longer again and the first snowdrops will come up. Love from her ladyship and myself to you both xx

  7. Both the beautiful flowers and Her Ladyship complement each other Annette 😄 Here ‚Blush Noisette‘ only has a very limited third show. The last few flowers are desperately hanging on but not for much longer. Hope that you had as good a week as possible in these times and that you have a good one to come.

    1. Blush Noisette’s high spirits have been dampened this week, I’m afraid, but she’s gorgeous all the same, so reliable and healthy. Hope all is well with you too, Anna xx

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