Yūgen (幽玄)

An awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and powerful for words.

A path leading to a place untouched by today’s madness / Ein Pfad, der zu einem Ort führt, der vom Wahnsinn unserer Zeit unberührt ist.
A place between heaven and earth / Ein Ort zwischen Himmel und Erde,
A place from a happier past / ein Ort aus einer glücklicheren Zeit,
where you can still breathe and be / an dem man immer noch atmen und sein darf.
A place so quiet and serene it almost hurts. / Ein Ort so still und friedlich, dass es fast weh tut.
Let us sit for a while, just to listen and to breathe. To breathe. / Lass uns ein wenig verweilen, um der Stille zu lauschen und zu atmen. Atmen.

9 thoughts

  1. So beautiful Annette! Looks like the perfect serene place to clear your head and escape the madness of the world right now. Is this near your home? Are these your views or did you have to travel to visit these areas? The mountains are so majestic and remind us how small we are. It’s no wonder the mountains and oceans are such magical places that feed and restore our souls. Thank you for sharing.

    1. It’s absolutely breathtaking. No more travel but I’m lucky as I live part of the year in this region in the Swiss Alps. Autumns there are magical with the colours and fine weather. Thank you for coming along x

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