It’s chilly and windy. October has been anything but golden so far but I won’t complain as we needed the rain badly. The head gardener has retreated to her bed by the stove – she thinks it’s hibernation time already and conveniently forgot that bulb planting still lies ahead 😉 . It’s aster time and I’m delighted to say that they’ve been coming up all over the place even where no asters were ever planted. So I guess they’re quite a promiscuous lot! Some seedlings look very pretty and those less promising are being pulled up. Have a look – what do you think?

Es ist kalt und windig. Der Oktober war bislang alles andere als golden, aber ich will mich nicht beklagen, denn der Regen war bitter nötig. Die Obergärtnerin hat sich auf ihren Platz am Ofen zurückgezogen – sie denkt, der Winterschlaf ist bereits angesagt und hat vergessen, dass die Blumenzwiebelpflanzzeit noch vor uns liegt 😉 . Es ist die Zeit der Astern, und ich bin begeistert, wie viele an allen möglichen Orten auftauchen, selbst an jenen, wo nie welche gepflanzt worden sind. Sie scheinen eine recht freizügige Truppe zu sein! Manche Sämlinge sehen sehr hübsch aus, die wenig attraktiven entferne ich. Schaut mal – was meint ihr?

Aster seedlings / Asternsämlinge
Another very tall, elegant seedling with fine leaves. Noch ein grosser, eleganter Sämling mit feinem Laub.

And here are some varieties that I’ve planted…

Und hier sind einige Sorten, die ich gepflanzt habe…

Aster pyrenaeus ‚Lutetia‘ & Symphyotrichum cordifolium ‚Little Carlow‘
Symphyotrichum laterifolium & Symphyotrichum ericoides var. prostratum ‚Snow Flurry‘

As you may be aware North American Asters have recently been reclassified in several other genera among them Symphyotrichum and Eurybia. A propos Eurybia! The woodland aster is one of my favourites:

Wie ihr vielleicht wisst wurden die nordamerikanischen Astern neu klassifiziert und heissen nun u.a. Symphyotrichum und Eurybia. A propos Eurybia! Die Wald-Aster gehört zu meinen Lieblingen:

Eurybia divaricata (Design: Ursula Hauber)

Asters also lend themselves as cut flowers because they last for ages and add a romantic and wild note to a bouquet. You remember a while ago I got these charming English jugs – last time I only showed the large one but they’re so delightful that I had to fill them both! It takes two, you see…better not tell Monsieur the title of my next vase: Take five! 🙃 No, just kidding! Thanks to Cathy for hosting ‚In a vase on a Monday‘ – pop over to her to check out what’s in flower in other parts of the world. Have a good week!

Astern halten sich prima in der Vase und geben Sträussen eine romantische, wilde Note. Ihr erinnert euch vielleicht, dass ich vor einiger Zeit zwei charmante, englische Krüge erstanden habe – bislang habe ich nur den grossen gezeigt, aber sie sind so reizend, dass ich heute beide präsentiere. Ihr seht, es braucht zwei…psssst, ich sage Monsieur lieber nicht den Titel der nächsten Vase: Take five! 🙃 Nein, war nur ein Scherz! Vielen Dank an Cathy, die die Montagsvase ins Leben gerufen hat – schaut euch bei ihr an, was in anderen Teilen der Welt blüht. Habt eine gute Woche!

left to right/von li. nach re.: Bistorta amplexicaulis ‚Blackfield‘, Clematis aromatica, Dahlia ‚Karma Choc‘, Miscanthus sinensis ‚Blütenwunder‘, Rosa ‚Scharlachglut‘, Dahlia ‚David Howard‘ & ‚Jowey Mirella‘, Panicum virgatum, Symphyotrichum.
It takes two, baby 🙂
The conservatory is the best place on a blustery, chilly day…a cup of tea, a good book 🙂 Der Wintergarten ist der beste Platz an diesem windigen, kühlen Tag…eine Tasse Tee, ein gutes Buch 🙂
R. ‚Scharlachglut‘, Bistorta ‚Blackfield‘ & Symphyotrichum
Clematis aromatica, Panicum virgatum & Miscanthus sinensis ‚Blütenwunder‘

23 thoughts

  1. Such lovely vases and dreamy photos Annette! You make me want to run right out and buy some for my garden. Sadly, I was just at the garden center yesterday and ignored the flowers in an attempt to not spend anymore money on the garden this year. I may have to make a trip back after I finish working today because your photos have won me over and since a tree fell down in my shade garden last year, it needs some plants that can tolerate the sun. I have recently cleared out the aggressive ground covers in that garden, and I think asters might just be the answer. The little short varieties don’t seem to do well here, but I bet those big floppy types are more hardy. Thank you so much for inspiring me with your lovely photos.
    Have a wonderful day and week. Hope you are doing well, and your spirits flourishing as well as your asters.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Cindy. Yes, Asters are definitely the stars of the autumn and I’m thrilled that they seed about and produce such beauties. I wouldn’t say my spirit is flourishing this year, rather surviving but here’s hoping for better times! Wishing you happy autumn days too.

  2. Vielen Dank, liebe Annette, für diesen Blick auf die schönen Seiten des Lebens. Die Impressionen aus deinem Garten sind inspirierend wie immer und heben meine Laune schon mal. Liebe Grüße, Jana

  3. Such a pleasing array of asters you have, Annette. Living in New England, they sow themselves all over the place here and this year, they have been gorgeous. S. cordifolium is my favorite, but I love all the rest anyway (just like the bees which cover them). Such a happy end to the garden season.

    1. Hi Eliza, New England must be awesome now in autumn 🙌, always wanted to go and see it but looking at the way the world is going I don’t know if I ever will. S. cordifolium is one of my fav too. Have a good week 🙂

  4. Your asters are lovely… yes, some of mine have defintely mutated too. My Ashvi should be white and is most defintely pink. Or maybe I have got some labels mixed up?! Stay warm and cosy until this chilly spell passes. Wishing you some sunshine soon!

  5. Oh the collage with all the blooms you were going to use looks so effective, Annette, and the end result is brilliant with the asters being the perfect partner for your pretty vases. As always, your photographs are wonderful! Best wishes to you both – enjoy your time by the stove but don’t forget about the bulbs for too long!!

    1. Thank you, Cathy, haven’t even ordered them yet, it’s a strange year, I’m not efficient like I used to be. I forgot to mention that the Red Dragon you gave me is still spitting fire in my border but rather gently – I think the summers keep him in check.

      1. Good to know the dragon is still keeping warm. Admittedly mine is less fiery too, but he probably desperately needs to be subdivided into smaller dragonlets – but the last time I tried I couldn’t get the spade into him at all, he was so tough!

  6. What a large collection of asters you have, Annette! They’re a lovely addition to any vase. Mine arrived early and what I had left burned up (figuratively, not literally) during our last heatwave. We could really use some of that rain you’re getting but, after a very brief few days of fall-like weather, we’ve received yet another heatwave. My fingers are crossed that it’ll be our last of 2020.

    1. Some of mine never get a drop of water and it’s seriously hot and dry here in summer. They’re certainly great for the autumn garden and I must divide mine soon. Hope things will get easier for you soon!

  7. Oh, how I do want a conservatory or „Wintergarten“ just from looking at your lovely snapshot, dear Annette! Your asters are gorgeous and it is amazing how well they „tango“ with the other flowers. There are just two leftover aster stems in my garden at the moment and they are blooming too. They do not seem to produce much seed, though, or maybe there is simply not enough space where they are located in the garden, I am not sure.
    It has become quite chilly around here as well, especially during the last few days. Some rain. but not really that much. There is snow in the mountains already. Hope the temperatures will pick up again so that poor head gardener will feel energized again. 😉
    Hope you are keeping well.
    Thinking of you often!

  8. Hallo Annette, Astern sind schon die Stars im Herbst! Bei mir zeigen sie ebenso Wuchsfreudigkeit. Jedes Jahr reiße ich ordentliche Mengen raus, doch im Jahr darauf zeigen sie sich treu und brav, uns wirst Du nicht los! Das ist gut so, denn meine Bienen lieben diese als späte Futterpflanze. LG…Stephanie

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