Time to join in with Cathy’s lovely meme again. I’m sort of hibernating at the moment. It’s been such a hot and dry summer, even worse than last year and it’s hard to find the energy to do something. Mulching is making a big difference though and I will have to bring out even thicker layers next year. We have a bumper crop of tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, and the pumpkins are happily rambling all over the place. Still, I can’t help dreaming about the soothing, gentle days of September! 😉 On a different note: My latest book about drought-tolerant gardens had almost sold out, so more copies were printed. I’m delighted about this and hope it will inspire people to look at gardens and planting design differently. With the way things are going we need to adopt a different attitude as water is getting scarcer and the weather seemingly more unpredictable. The dahlias are flowering nicely and add a welcome splash of colour to the garden. There’s a distinct sense of autumn – do you feel it too? One thing that’s growing like mad and doesn’t mind the drought is the wild carrot with its flowers reminiscent of lace, that’s why it’s aptly called Queen Anne’s lace. It’s the perfect partner for the delicious, velvety dahlias „Karma Choc“ and „Jowey Mirella“. How has summer been treating you so far? Happy August days and don’t forget to pop over to Cathy to see the creations of my fellow bloggers. 🙂

Zeit für eine neue Montagsvase, Cathys tolles Mem. Ich befinde mich derzeit im Winterschlaf, oops sorry, Sommerschlaf. Der Sommer ist so heiss und trocken, schlimmer als in den letzten Jahren, und es ist schwer, für irgendetwas Energie aufzubringen. Das Mulchen macht jedoch einen enormen Unterschied, und ich werde nächstes Jahr noch dickere Schichten ausbringen. Wir ernten Berge an Tomaten, Paprika und Auberginen, während die Kürbisse fröhlich durch den Garten wandern. Dennoch kann ich nicht umhin, von den milden, entspannenden Septembertagen zu träumen! 😉 Mein aktuelles Buch „Genießen statt Gießen“ war fast ausverkauft und wurde mittlerweile nachgedruckt, was mich riesig freut. Ich hoffe, es inspiriert die Menschen dazu, das Gärtnern und die Beetgestaltung in einem neuen Licht zu sehen. So wie sich die Dinge entwickeln, müssen wir eine andere Gesinnung entwickeln, denn das Wasser wird zunehmend weniger und das Wetter immer unberechenbarer. Die Dahlien blühen derzeit schön und sind willkommene Farbkleckse im Garten. Eine deutliche Ahnung von Herbst liegt in der Luft – spürt ihr es auch? Eine Pflanze wächst trotz Dürre wie verrückt: die wilde Möhre, deren Blüten an Spitze erinnern. Perfekter Partner für die köstlichen, samtigen Dahlien „Karma Choc“ und „Jowey Mirella“. Wie ist der Sommer bei euch? Frohe Augusttage und vergesst nicht, bei Cathy vorbeizuschauen, um die Kreationen meiner Bloggerfreunde zu bewundern. 🙂


20 thoughts

  1. Your dahlias make such a rich contrast with the white of the wild carrot, Annette – very pretty. Congratulations on the success of your book – do you think it might ever be published in English?

    1. glad you like the combo, Cathy, I’m told by the publishers that it’s rather difficult selling a license to the UK, supposedly because there are lots of garden books on the market already but we’ll see, one never knows 😉

      1. It’s interesting to hear the reasoning – and to know that there are presumably fewer gardening books on the German market!

  2. Beautiful! The deep colour of your dahlias looks lovely mixed with the wild carrot. Sadly, given the summer we’ve had – rain, and yet more rain – I think it is unlikely that I will ever need to create a drought tolerant garden but I’m sure I’d enjoy reading your book should it ever be published in English.

  3. Wunderschön deine Vase mit dem Strauss der Dahlien und den wilden Möhrenblüten. Diese Pflanze macht es bei mir plötzlich auch ganz gut. Ich mag sie sehr gerne. Ja und wie ist es bei mir? In meiner Region kann ich weder über Hitze noch über Wasser klagen. Es scheint die Sonne abwechslungsweise mit heftigen Regengüssen, seit Wochen im 2-Tagesrythmus. Darum wächst in meinem Garten alles hoch über sich hinaus. Ich wünsche dir herzlich noch schöne Tage und kann dir versichern, dass dein Buch „Geniessen statt Giessen“ für mich ein wertvoller Ratgeber und Begleiter kreuz und quer durch meinen Garten ist.

  4. A beautiful combination and wonderful photos Annette. I hope some of our rain comes your way – we have had two days of rain and cooler temperatures and it has done our souls good!

  5. Those are beautiful dahlias and the airy white wild carrot offers the perfect accent, Annette. Our summer has been mild by our standards, not nearly as difficult as the conditions you in Europe and people in the Midwestern and Eastern portions of the US have faced this year. We’re very dry of course but then that’s normal for us from April through October. Saving water and growing drought-tolerant plants has become a way of life here.

  6. Congratulations on your book success. Your flowers today are elegant. It’s so dry and hot here also—don’t want summer to end though. I’ve had an eerie sense of autumn a couple of times this week, brief moments that portend seasonal shift.

    1. Hello my faithful friend, I’d gladly take some of your rain ;), well we have a great summer but the drought is always stressful. Great summer for non-gardeners as I always say, LOL. We’ll do a poetry dinner tomorrow with friends, busy preparing things…wish you could come!! x

  7. Beautiful. I love the rich color of the dahlia but the wild carrot is just so delicate it wins for favorite.
    Sorry to hear it’s still so dry and hot. There is nothing worse for a gardener’s spirit than to see their favorite plants suffering, even if they are relatively drought tolerant!
    We’ve had so much rain the last two years that many of my drought resistant standards have moulded and rotted away. Things will be in for a real shock when the dry returns.
    I hope you enjoy a rainy and refreshing autumn 🙂

    1. Good to hear from you, Frank 🙂 It has been raining since and although not a lot, the cooler nights help and things look a bit fresher. It’s funny how in a way one wishes the summer would never end and at the same time…thankfully we cannot influence these things (yet?)!. I’d be the first to do a proper mediterranean garden but with the soil and wet winters it’s not that easy. It gives me pleasure to look at lush gardens like yours. Happy late summer days xx

  8. That’s a gorgeous bouquet, Annette. Queen Anne’s lace is one of my favourites. It always seems to bloom when the wild chicory (that gorgeous shade of blue/violet) blooms. Around here, though, it’s the wild cucumber flowers that remind me that summer is coming to an end. I hope you are doing well!

    1. Lovely to hear from you, Cynthia, all is well. Just proofreading my next next book, so busy as always. We have chicory too, haven’t seen any wild cucumbers though. Hopy you and your family are well and enjoying summer x

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