To miss a birthday is rather embarassing but I must admit it happened to me last week, so today I want to make up for it as it wasn’t just any birthday, BUT the birthday of ‚In a Vase on a Monday‘, a deservedly popular meme created by the charming Cathy over at Rambling in the garden. It came as a bit of a shock to me when I learnt that it actually was the 5th (!) birthday. Oh my, time is flying! So I made an extra effort today and would like to say ‚happy birthday‘ too – my wishes may come late but they come from the heart. Thanks to Cathy and all the other bloggers: You are a continuous inspiration to me. Autumn has treated us most kindly and I’m amazed about the beautiful colours as I didn’t expect this at all after the drought. It’s funny how fast we forget stress and pain but the mellow, golden autumn days have really helped to soothe my memory of a stressful, exhausting summer. For my vase I’ve chosen Cosmos (still going strong), Miscanthus, Molinia, roses (not from the garden) and flowers of my personal pot plant of the year, Plectranthus argentatus which was given to me in the form of cuttings by a friend last year. They’ve turned into magnificents plants much beloved by bees and have flowered for many months. I’ve already secured next year’s supply! Pop over to Cathy to check out today’s vases! Wishing you a happy week 🙂

Plectranthus argentatus

My head gardener is delighted too with our autumn garden 😉

21 thoughts

    1. For me IAVOAM is as much about HOW to shoot it as about the content of it, maybe even more so and I’m always thrilled by the challenge of it. You can do it, too! 🙂

  1. Beautiful arrangement and the vase itself is a nice choice, Annette. The Plectranthus is admirable–always nice to have a passalong memory associated with a plant. Head gardener should be pleased with those red leaves. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Belated and beautiful! I love the way you’ve put this together and the warm feeling of your photos. Your head gardener is adorable!

  3. Oh your photos are as wonderful as always, Annette, and really give a good impression of the golden autumn days you are enjoying. Thanks for sharing your vase and all the lovely comments about the meme

    1. We’re slowly tuning into winter monochrome. Well, you know it’s always a challenge and great fun to think about ways of shooting the vases – it’s been teaching me a lot and through IAVOAM I’ve produced some nice work for agencies too which is another bonus. 🙂

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