I’m struggling for words these days. Guess, you might have noticed as it’s been quiet here but apart from the usual summer hibernation there’s something else. Maybe it has to do with the new data protection law, another means of modern day terror, that it has gone quiet(er) in the blogger world. Insecurity rules. A friend said the other day that everything has been said, so it’s probably only natural if we get to a stage when words don’t come easily anymore. That said, I’m still as creative as ever and I shoot more than ever which feels great. I think good images speak their own language and need no words. I just feel modern life is so tiring at times. This need to perform 24/7 is exhausting. So at this stage I don’t know where the road will take me…let’s just see what happens. I’m going to check out what you’re up to from time to time – as for myself, I’ll take a summer break. I’ve started work on a new book and I’m hoping to get into the right flow because that’s what creative work is all about: the right flow. As for the garden: it’s looking pretty and today we’ve finally got much needed rain so things are already looking refreshed, me included. 😉  Today I happily join Cathy’s IAVOAM with my pink roses. We came across this little photo album at a book auction when we lived in Ireland. The leather book binding is most beautiful. There aren’t many photos in it but one caught my eye…a delicate handwriting tells me it’s ‚Aunt Jessie‘. I’m intrigued…who was this elegant looking woman? What was her meaning in life? Was she happy? Did she too struggle for words? Did she worry about where the world is going? Was she well behaved or a rebel? Passionate and vivacious or shallow and boring? It’s strange how a picture can spark a mental journey. I wish you all happy summer days and much joy in your gardens. 🙂

Dieser Tage fehlen mir die Worte. Vielleicht habt ihr es bemerkt, weil es in letzter Zeit ruhig bei mir war, aber abgesehen vom üblichen Sommerschlaf ist da noch etwas anderes. Vielleicht spielt die DSGVO eine Rolle, ein weiterer Auswuchs des Bürgerterrors, dass es generell ruhig(er) in der Bloggerwelt geworden ist. Es herrscht Unsicherheit. Eine Freundin meinte kürzlich schlicht, es sei eben schon alles gesagt worden. Vielleicht ist es ganz natürlich, dass wir an einen Punkt kommen, an dem die Worte nicht mehr so leicht aus der Feder fliessen. Abgesehen davon bin ich so kreativ wie eh und je und fotografiere mehr denn je. Ich denke gute Bilder sprechen ihre eigene Sprache und brauchen keine Worte. Ich empfinde unser modernes Dasein manchmal nur so ermüdend. Dieser ständige Druck, 24 Stunden lang 7 Tage in der Woche etwas zu leisten, erschöpft. Im Moment weiss ich nicht, wohin mein Weg mich führen wird…lasst uns einfach abwarten. Ich schaue weiterhin ab und zu bei euch vorbei – was mich angeht, so mache ich eine Sommerpause. Ich habe angefangen, ein neues Buch zu schreiben, und ich hoffe, dass ich in den „Flow“ komme, der so wichtig für uns kreativ Schaffende ist. Was den Garten angeht, so sieht er hübsch aus, und heute regnet es endlich, so dass wir beide schon viel frischer wirken. 😉 Mein Beitrag zu Cathys IAVOAM ist eine Vase voller rosafarbener Rosen. Das kleine Fotoalbum fanden wir bei einer Buchauktion, als wir noch in Irland lebten. Der Ledereinband ist wunderschön. Es gibt nicht viele Fotos drin, aber eines fiel mir auf…eine zarte Handschrift sagt mir, dass es sich um ‚Aunt Jessie‘ handelt. Ich bin neugierig…wer war diese elegante Frau? Was war ihre Rolle im Leben? War sie glücklich? Fehlten ihr auch manchmal die Worte? Machte sie sich Sorgen um die Welt? War sie brav oder rebellisch? Leidenschaftlich und lebendig oder flach und langweilig? Seltsam, wie ein Bild unsere Gedanken auf Reisen senden kann. Ich wünsche euch frohe Sommertage und viel Freude in euren Gärten. 🙂

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  1. Oh, I’ve missed your blog lately Annette. So enjoyed waking to the mysterious Aunt Jessie immortalized by your sensitive images. She surely would have loved your pink roses. May you rediscover your path to words and enjoy a peaceful balance. Happy summer.

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment, Susie, who knows someone might see the pic and remember her! Finding the right balance is important and I’m working on it. Happy days to you too x

  2. Beautiful, atmospheric shots. I agree that Aunt Jessie would have loved this post.

    I do think it’s farcical we all have to spend more of our time clicking to dismiss essentially meaningless banners and wonder if this had some impact on the decision to drop the Daily Post, which so many of us enjoyed.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment 🙂 yes, I’m sure it has an impact, we’re under ever more pressure and I sometimes wonder how long we can cope with this ‚terror’…thankfully we have our gardens!

  3. Peace and tranquility, time for contemplation, connect with your inner self, enjoy your life. The roses and your thoughts on Aunt Jessie are sweet.

  4. Sorry it has been a struggle for you Annette, with one thing and another – another book will certainly take its toll so do watch out for the warning signs. But well done for being commissioned to do it – you are clearly well respected. Your roses are gorgeous and I too would be wondering about the sort of person that Aunt Jessie is. Take care and do listen to Monsieur when he suggests you are overdoing things…

    1. I have to spend lots of time on the removal of millions of self-seeded oaks, fighting box moth…it’s moments like this that make me wonder if the garden isn’t too big but it’ll pass, hopefully. As for the book: it’s the first one that hasn’t been commissioned but I just want to do it. No deadline yet so and I enjoy that. I also have started to enjoy more „me time“, so not all is lost 😉 Thanks for your kindness xx

      1. Yes, trees are becoming an issue here too, although not on the same scale as yours. How intriguing about your book and the challenge you have set yourself doing it – are you willing to give us a clue about the contents?

  5. Your images are gorgeous! I love those sweet pink roses and they’re perfect with the old book of pictures. I’m sure that Aunt Jessie, whoever she was, would be pleased. Sometimes modern life does seem a little too fast-paced. Thank goodness for our gardens where we can sometimes hide away for a few moments and dream of a slower pace.

  6. While that’s a truly lovely rose, my heart melted at the sight of the little frog. Frogs aren’t something one sees here very often. Sadly I’ve never seen one in my current garden, although I’ve more than my fare share of lizards, but I guess that just speaks to the dryness of my climate. I can empathize with your words at the start of your post – world events provide a dismal start to most mornings but gardens and gardening do help! Best wishes with the new book and everything else.

    1. Thanks a lot, Kris, always nice to see you here. As I’ve mentioned on your blog the frog is a midwife toad. Plenty of lizards here too and the snakes are wandering about enjoying the summer. We have fire salamanders too but they keep low all summer and will be seen again with the first rains in September or so.

    1. Abundance of words and images and noise…it’s a crazy world and I’m so glad to be able to immerse myself in the peace and quiet of my garden and nature. 🙂

  7. What a lovely post this is, Annette. Also thank you for your email which I have yet to respond to. We have talked about this before and „offline“, i.e. outside the blog world – I think the data protection law thing was the famous drop that caused a flood of bloggers to withdraw from an already complicated environment AND the pressure to perform. Blogging just for fun is something that can quickly turn into a curse, especially if you are partly using the blog also as a professional marketing tool. I love the way in which your stories unfold and how you combine everyday life and thoughts with your gorgeous photographs. You have a very natural and authentic way of writing down your thoughts, and it is a joy to read your posts. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. 🙂 As for Aunt Jessie – isn’t it the weirdest to find old photographies on flea markets? It always gives me the creeps a little bit, but on the other hand it is exciting to be inspired by somebody’s picture, trying to read what kind of person they were. I love the nickname „Jessie“, and while Auntie looks quite composed and somewhat stiff even, I imagine her to have been a lovely, courageous and inspiring woman. Why else would her niece or nephew have given her a place in the album? By the way, please show us the book cover sometime, I would love to see it. So here’s to Aunt Jessie and to the wonderful writer Annette. 🙂

    1. Dear Doris, I’m very touched by your words – thank you. To be able to move someone through words and pictures is a wonderful thing and you’ve really made my day with your comment. 🙂 And who knows – maybe someone will spot it and remember Jessie? The world is so small sometimes. I think you’re right – she must have been loved, that’s a nice thought. Happy days to you, xxAnnette

  8. Liebe Annette, Deine Geschichte klingt spannend. Ich bin sehr, sehr neugierig was folgt nach Deiner Pause…. (hoffentlich bist Du aber bald zurück. Ich werde Dich vermissen. Meine Sommerpause ist Deinem Buch „Geniessen statt giessen“ gewidmet. Jedenfalls hoffe ich, endlich die Zeit dazu zu finden, denn wie Dich plagt auch mich der 24h Tackt…..Viel Glück zu Deiner neuen Arbeit.

    1. Liebe Elisabeth, schön, von dir zu lesen. Ich freue mich, dass du mein Buch lesen wirst und wünsche dir viel Zeit zum Auf- und Durchatmen diesen Sommer, denn wie sonst sollen wir die Kraft finden, in dieser verrückten Welt weiter unseren Weg zu verfolgen. Alles Liebe xx

  9. I hope you can relax and refresh and refocus, it’s so hard to get that done these days and of course summer moves along so quickly. What amazing photos. I’m always amazed by what you’ve created there!

    1. Yes, I need to do all that – relax, refresh and refocus on the things that really count. You know these days a hint of autumn lies in the air…crazy, it’s only July but time seems to fly faster by the day. Thanks for your appreciation of my photography 🙂

    1. Neither can I, Julie, in fact I try to avoid boring people if I can 😉 So lovely to hear from you, always a pleasure to be honest, so glad you like the pics. Pity you’re not on IG. Enjoy your weekend xx

  10. I know exactly how you feel Annette and am glad you wrote this post! Enjoy your break and good luck with the new book. We are so busy with our trees and shrubs in this relentless drought that I am also taking some time off from blogging. Happy summer!

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