Today’s vase is a very special one. Let me tell you why: Last week my blogger friend Julie and her husband Andrew came all the way from New Zealand to see us. We met out in ‚cyberworld‘ many moons ago and visiting her blog is always a pleasure as she has a unique way of seeing things and is so full of ‚joie de vivre‘ and energy. She shares not only my love for photography but also for gardening, nature and good food. Needless to say we’ve had a great time! When they came for dinner they presented us with this beautiful vase  – why you might ask? Well, it’s simple, they’ve been following the Vase on a Monday and on spotting it they knew right away it was just made for Cathy’s meme. Yesterday I went back and forth trying to find the right ingredients: In went a seedhead of Allium christophii, scented Clematis tubulosa ‚Cassandra‘, Persicaria amplexicaulis ‚Rosea‘ and Leucanthemum vulgare. A mix of high summer and a hint of late summer. I hope you like it, dear Julie and Andrew 🙂 It was good to have you here, and we look forward to seeing you again. And just in case you’re wondering…no, I’m not learning Chinese but as we were joking with them about the vase being a Ming vase, I thought the title had to be Chinese today 😉 : To our friendship! Do go over to charming Cathy who’s kindly hosting the Vase on a Monday. Have a great week.

Heute gibt’s eine ganz besondere Vase, und ich verrate euch auch weshalb: Letzte Woche kamen meine Blogger-Freundin Julie und ihr Mann Andrew von Neuseeland den ganzen weiten Weg, um uns zu besuchen. Wir trafen uns vor vielen Monden in der Cyberworld, und ich habe stets große Freude an ihrem Blog, denn sie hat eine einmalige Art, die Dinge zu sehen und ist voller Lebenslust und Energie. Sie teilt nicht nur meine Liebe zur Fotografie, sondern auch fürs Gärtnern, die Natur und gutes Essen. Wir hatten eine tolle Zeit! Als sie zum Abendessen kamen, überreichten sie uns diese hübsche Vase – ihr fragt euch sicher warum? Es ist ganz einfach, sie ‚verfolgen‘ die Montagsvase schon eine Weile, und als sie die Vase sahen, wussten sie gleich, sie ist wie gemacht dafür. Gestern flitzte ich hin und her und suchte nach den richtigen Zutaten. Die Wahl fiel auf einen Samenstand von Allium christophii, duftende Clematis tubulosa ‚Cassandra‘, Persicaria amplexicaulis ‚Rosea‘ und Leucanthemum vulgare. Eine Mischung von Hochsommer und ein Hauch von Spätsommer. Ich hoffe, der Strauß gefällt euch, liebe Julie und lieber Andrew 🙂 Es war schön, euch hier zu haben, und wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen. Und falls ihr euch wundert…nein, ich lerne kein Chinesisch, aber da wir mit den beiden darüber scherzten, dass es sich um eine Ming-Vase handelt, fand ich einfach, der heutige Titel muss Chinesisch sein 😉 : Auf unsere Freundschaft! Schaut bei der charmanten Cathy vorbei, die die Montagsvase ins Leben gerufen hat. Wünsche euch eine gute Woche.

21 thoughts

  1. I must admit I was a little wary when the post title came up for approval – unytil I saw it was from your blog…! Always lovely to meet blogging friends, and perhaps even more so when such distances are involved. Your choice of blooms for the new vase are spot-on: a brilliant match of coulour and shape. Intersting to see Cassandra as I was on the point of ordering this one and will definitely do so knowing you have it too!! Thanks for sharing

    1. Yes, it certainly looked suspicious! What’s so nice about it all, Cathy, is the fact that blogging and your meme has connected not only us but reaches out to others…I’m not generally hopeful for our race but those moments don’t fail to touch me. Cassandra is a star plant, flowering for months but needs quite a bit of room as it’s so vigorous. I can only say ‚go for it‘! 🙂

  2. How best to celebrate the coming together of friends…food, conversation, and shared interests. How you have a post celebrating all this….your flowers from your garden, in the present brought to you by your friend…..

  3. What a beautiful vase! What a joy to receive a gift like that. I love that you used such a simple arrangement in a very formal vase. Wonderful!

  4. die Vase ist wunderschön! Gefällt mir so gut! Und natürlich ist der Strauss den Du liebe Annette dafür ausgewählt hast, sehr passend. Ich freue mich für Dich und Deine Freunde!

  5. What a gorgeous vase Annette! I really love that kind of shape – perfect for picking up to admire! Love the contents too. Here’s to friendship!

  6. What a lovely gift! The dried Allium was the perfect centerpiece. Allium is tricky to grow here so I tried my hand at retaining my Agapanthus bloom stalks after their flowers had gone for use in future vases, carefully cleaning them of dried petals, only to find that the gardener cut them all to the ground last week when he was here trimming my hedges! Apparently, he didn’t see them as art as I did.

    1. One of the few things about cyberworld is that you really get to meet nice people sometimes. People that do intrigue me and whom I’d like to meet. It worked out with Julie so I hope it’ll work out with you some day. 🙂

  7. Oh now that’s a most delightful vase Annette which will always remind you of your friend’s visit. Blogging can bring you into contact with some most lovely people. You picked a perfect selection of flowers to compliment both the shape and colours of the vase.

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