Gosh, it’s Monday again…the weeks are just flying by! While we had to shelter from the rain last week, we have to flee the heat today. A desert-like wind is blowing and the temperature is up to 36°C . So let’s go to Pompeii where things have progressed nicely in the meantime. I’ve been meaning to write about it for a while but got carried away by work, garden visitors, friends and family who came to see us. I’ve planted this spring: Roses came from Louis Lens in Belgium. They’re all climbing roses which will eventually lend an air of romance to the place. Inside the walled garden Rosa ‚Gardens of Hex‘ and ‚Frau Eva Schubert‘ are growing against the walls. They were joined by Stipa gigantea, Eremurus, Agapanthus, Achillea ‚Terracotta‘, Dahlia imperialis and Datisca cannabina and other small bits and pieces. For the entrance I’ve chosen yew, rows of Lavandula x intermedia ‚Grosso‘ accompanied by Rosa ‚Narrow Water‘ and ‚Guirlande d’Amour‘. Erigeron, Corydalis and Verbena bonariensis are scattered about and will hopefully spread. The walled garden room –Pompeii 2– sits right below the pavilion in Pompeii 1 and a mature oak tree which creates a beautiful dappled shade. The perfect place to unwind on a hot day! Today’s vase holds Muehlenbeckia, a rampant climber on our house wall, neatly weaving itself through the roses and Trachelospermum, as well as Dahlia ‚David Howard‘ and ‚Dr. Ph. Riedel‘ ( I just adore orange dahlias!), variegated Euonymus, Achillea ptarmica, Verbena hastata and an umbellifer I came across while picking the rest. Thanks to Cathy who is inspiring us each Monday with her beautiful meme – don’t forget to visit her blog. Wishing you all a fab week 🙂

Schon wieder Montag…die Zeit verfliegt! Letzten Montag mussten wir uns vom Regen schützen, heute vor der Hitze. Ein Wüstenwind bläst, das Thermometer ist bei 36°C angelangt. Lasst uns nach Pompeji gehen, wo es mittlerweile Fortschritte gegeben hat. Ich möchte schon ewig davon berichten, kam aber aufgrund von Arbeit, Gartenbesuchern, Freunden und Familie nicht dazu. Ich habe im Frühjahr den letzten Teil Pompejis bepflanzt: Dafür kamen Rosen von Louis Lens aus Belgien. Alles Kletterrosen, die dem Ort einmal romantischen Flair verleihen sollen. Innerhalb der Mauern wachsen nun Rosa ‚Gardens of Hex‘ und ‚Frau Eva Schubert‘. Hinzu kamen Stipa gigantea, Eremurus, Agapanthus, Achillea ‚Terracotta‘, Dahlia imperialis und Datisca cannabina und andere Kleinigkeiten. Ausserhalb am Eingang habe ich Säuleneiben, Rosa ‚Guirlande d’Amour‘ und ‚Narrow Water‘ und Reihen von Lavandula x intermedia ‚Grosso‘ gesetzt. Erigeron, Corydalis und Verbena bonariensis wachsen verstreut und versamen sich hoffentlich. Dieser ummauerte Gartenraum befindet sich unterhalb des Pavillons in Pompeji 1 und unter einer alten Eiche, die für lichten Schatten sorgt. Der perfekte Platz zum Entspannen an einem heissen Tag. Für die heutige Vase habe ich Muehlenbeckia gewählt, eine wüchsige Kletterpflanze, die die halbe Hauswand erobert hat und sich durch Rosen und Trachelospermum webt. Des weiteren die Dahlien ‚David Howard‘ und ‚Dr. Ph. Riedel‘ (ich liebe orangefarbene Dahlien!), panaschierter Euonymus, Achillea ptarmica, Verbena hastata und ein Doldenblütler, der mir beim Schneiden der übrigen Kandidaten begegnete. Vielen Dank an Cathy, die uns jeden Montag zu neuen Höhenflügen anregt. Schaut bei ihr vorbei und habt eine gute Woche 🙂

Muehlenbeckia on the housewall/ an der Hauswand


20 thoughts

  1. A walled garden room too now? How delightful – and look at that arch and the round window. I know you will have created all this between you which makes it even more f a special plavce for you, and your planting sounds gorgeous. You are both so skilled in many different ways. Thank you for sharing your zingy vase with us too

    1. Monsieur finished the walls early this year and I’ve done the planting right a way. It’s nice to have a ‚partner in crime‘ as you know. I just love having different garden rooms with completely different themes/moods. 🙂

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Annette! Your photos are lovelier than ever. I didn’t realise Muhlenbeckia climbs… I just bought one as a ground cover plant, but will make sure I plant it near a big rock! And using it in a vase is an inspiration too! 🙂 Hope it cools down a little for you soon!

      1. I only just bought mine, but know it survives relatively cold winters. Last winter would probably have been hard on it though. It was all over my partner’s family grave when I took over caring for it but was so unruly I had to get rid of it all! 😉

  3. Your new garden area is fabulous, Annette! You did a perfect job in selecting the plants for it. Your arrangement is lovely too. I’d have never thought of using Muehlenbeckia in a vase but, now that I’ve seen it in yours, you just might see it in one of my future vases too 😉 – even though my wire vine is in pots, there seems to be no shortage of it! I hope you get some cooler weather soon – it’s warmer where you are than it is here in Southern California, which I find remarkable.

    1. It’s just such a rampant grower that it doesn’t hurt to pick some, Kris, fab plant by the way as it thrives on neglect which is nice – thank you for popping in 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos! Nice to see pompeii settling in and becoming such a restful location. With the dappled shade it looks like it might be the best place to spend such a hot day!

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