…and that’s why today’s vase has to be enjoyed „under cover“ on the balcony of „Treetops“. We’re having thunderstorms today and it has cooled down a lot giving the garden and myself a bit of a break. Everything’s looking refreshed and green. I’m so pleased as my former garden design tutor came over from the UK to see my garden the other day and I had been worrying about the state of the place after the heat and drought in June. There was no need to worry though as she was delighted about the garden and thrilled by the snakes which could be seen basking in the sun. She’s Australian by the way, this might explain her relaxed attitude ;). My vase features the first Dahlia of the season: Jowey Mirella, a most faithful friend which has been coming up for several years even surviving colder spells down to -7°C. I’ve also added some Spirea and Indigofera amblyantha. Thanks to dear Cathy for hosting the vase on a Monday…I wish I could join in more often as it’s such an inspirational meme. Wishing you all a good week and don’t forget to check out the vases of my fellow bloggers over at Cathy’s Rambling in the garden. 🙂  PS: The owl chateau is still available by the way, just in case you know an owl looking for a secluded, spacious home with gorgeous views!

25 thoughts

  1. Good to see more of your wonderful photographs again, Annette – and the view from Pompeii is wonderful. Your dahlia looks most attractive and I did not know there were others in the Jowey family – I have Jowey Winnie. Thanks for sharing, and if I see any homeless owls I will send them in your direction… 🙂

    1. Thanks, Cathy, I’ve just googled the Mirella family and mind you, it’s rather huge! Such good dahlias though, might be worth having a closer look at the rest of them 😉

  2. Your photos are always such a joy to look at Annette. Lovely dahlias. Now, if I was an owl I would have snapped up that desirable residence some time ago… Have a great week and enjoy the cooler spell!

    1. Thanks, Cathy, such a nice thing to say. As for the owls: Monsieur thought he’d heard them the other day inspecting it, so here’s hoping for next year. PS: As for my book – there’ll be a delay as one of the editors got pregnant…it’ll be January!

  3. That wood box makes a great container for your pretty blooms, Annette. The dahlias are just getting started here too, although none of mine have made it to a vase yet. I do hope a wandering owl finds a home in the house you’ve so kindly provided – it looks like a perfect place to raise a family to me!

  4. Glimpses of paradise! I have a similar dahlia but it is not doing that well this year. Maybe everything came too quick and too early this year, who knows. I love the „vase“, what an interesting way of presenting the blossoms.

  5. Your dahlias are lovely displayed in the box – all the colors looking so fresh and rich in the rainy weather! We had an enormous owl here the other night, but I have no way to send him over… 😉 I’m afraid he will thin out the little creatures that have taken refuge in my garden in all the heat, though I would certainly prefer an owl to rattlesnakes, which would also like to do that job…! It is an interesting balance, trying to keep a garden in an area which is naturally rather sparse of plants! Forgive my rambling… Hope you have a lovely week!

    1. Hi Amy, I’d gladly take him (or her?). What kind of owls do you have? Oh yes, I much prefer our snakes to your rattlesnakes! Lovely to see you here. 🙂

      1. I could not tell in the dark, but I think it was a Great Horned Owl, as that is what I have seen here before and it was certainly large enough!

  6. What a beautiful view that is. I really like the bird house that fits perfectly in the tree. I was just wondering if the birds use that much space on the inside!?
    Slán Madita

    1. Hi Madita, thanks for visiting. It’s an owl nestbox so has to be big. We’ve just put it up this year and hope it’ll be occupied next year. Best wishes

  7. Wow. Beautiful photos in an amazing setting!
    I’ve always thought Australia was just about filled with poisonous snakes, insects, and jelly fish, and that a native would almost laugh to see someone threatened by a common garden snake! Hardy folks 🙂

    1. Not many visitors are pleased when they meet our snakes, Frank, but it was so funny when she said ‚I envy you the garden but even more so the snakes‘ 😉

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