The warm weather has brought a temporary (?) end to winter and I’ve been rushing around like a lunatic cutting back grasses (got arms like Schwarzenegger by now!) and perennials, pruning roses…all that’s left is bringing out the manure – a matter of urgency as bulbs are peeping out everywhere. I was taken by surprise to be honest as I thought winter would last a bit longer and give me the chance to get things done inside before the garden is calling again. But I won’t complain, it feels too good to potter around again, sun on my back, birds fluttering busily to and fro. The toads have started to wander to their breeding sites which is very early indeed. Lizards are chasing each other about, and owls are falling in love which is quite a lively affair. How is the weather in your corner of the world? Here the dance of the snowdrops is slowly coming to an end thanks to the high temperatures but I shall try and post some pics of this year’s dance before too long. Have a good week and don’t forget to visit Cathy who is kindly hosting ‚In a Vase on a Monday‘. Maybe you’d like to join in too? Wait, haven’t said a word about my own vase: well, it’s tulips. And a tulip is a tulip is a tulip…nothing more to be added! 😉

Das warme Wetter hat dem Winter vorerst einen Riegel vorgeschoben, und ich flitze wie eine Irre durch die Gegend, schneide Gräser und Stauden zurück (habe mittlerweile Bizeps wie Schwarzenegger!) und beschneide Rosen…nun muss ich noch Mist ausbringen und zwar schnell, denn überall drücken Zwiebelblumen ans Licht. Ich geb’s zu, ich bin etwas überrumpelt worden und dachte eigentlich, mir bliebe noch Zeit, drinnen Dinge zu erledigen, bevor der Garten wieder nach mir ruft. Aber egal, ich will mich nicht beklagen: Es tut so gut, wieder draussen zu werkeln, die Sonne im Nacken zu spüren, derweil die Vögel geschäftig hin und her fliegen. Die Kröten wandern bereits zu ihren Laichplätzen. Eidechsen jagen einander, und Eulen verlieben sich, was stets eine äusserst lebhafte Angelegenheit ist. Wie ist das Wetter bei euch? Der Tanz der Schneeglöckchen nähert sich dank der hohen Temperaturen langsam seinem Ende, aber ich werde versuchen, bald noch einige Fotos vom diesjährigen Tanz mit euch zu teilen. Habt eine gute Woche, und vergesst nicht, bei Cathy reinzuschauen, Begründerin der ‚Montagsvase‘. Vielleicht habt ihr Lust, mitzumachen? Wartet, ich habe ganz vergessen, etwas zu meiner Vase zu sagen: naja, es handelt sich um Tulpen. Eine Tulpe ist eine Tulpe ist eine Tulpe…da gibt’s nichts hinzuzufügen! 😉


27 thoughts

  1. Bei mir im Garten ist noch Winter und es wird noch ein paar Tage dauern bis es losgeht und ich endlich die Stauden zurück schneiden kann. Ich stehe schon in den Startlöchern … und freue mich solange an die kleinen Lichtblicke wie deine Tulpen in der Vase!
    Liebe Grüße Arlene

    1. Der Winter ist für uns Gärtner halt immer zu lange, aber auch nötig, dennoch erstaunt es mich immer wieder, wie es mich berührt und verändert, wenn die Luft lauer und die Stimmung hoffnungsvoller wird 🙂

  2. We’ve had spring for more than a week although this morning there was a frost and its raining a bit. But it has been very warm and the light has changed completely. Love the image of the tulips.

    1. The change is ever so subtle but it brought a smile to my face and I feel the energy coming back, I do love spring and now it won’t be long, this is a taste of what lies ahead 🙂

  3. Tulips are always a winner Annette, we have tiny break in winter today, up to 16c, but forecast back to chillier times by the weekend. Lovely words and super image too.

    1. thanks a million, Julie, I keep my fingers crossed for us and hope it won’t get too cold anymore as plants have lost all reserve charmed by the weather…almost like ourselves 😉

  4. Beautiful tulips, lovingly photographed. I love your description of the lively scene in your garden. You must provide more detail on the owls‘ courting behavior! Winter (in the form of rain) is hanging on tighter here than it has in recent years but spring is still creeping in. New flowers appear almost daily.

  5. The tulips are gorgeous, but it is how you captured it in the light and with rain on the window outside…. so artistic and emanating hope…that has me staring at this extra long. I think my new favorite place in the house would be right there with that view.

  6. Lovely photo of your tulips Annette. I managed to get outdoors too last week, although there is still little warmth in the sun. Back to rain and grey skies this week, but the temperature is rising and I think the last patch of snow on the patio has melted at last! 🙂

    1. thank you, Cathy, I’m so happy for you – mind you, as I look out the window I see the soft green on the weeping willow which is always the first to unfold its delicate, papery leaves, spring rolls on gently…by the way, when do you want the Aster? Is March too soon for you?

  7. It sounds as if you have had a similar mild spell to the one we’ve enjoyed Annette. Isn’t it great to be outside again 🙂 Tulips already! You must be that bit further ahead. I like the way that the bowl glows in your photo.

  8. I see your comment above; I too was worried about tulips so soon… 😉 But they are lovely and your photo so cheering, Annette! I am hearing toads here as well, and the sparrows have been flying around with stems and what not in their beaks, getting on with the season!

    1. For me it’s more a thing of how do I shoot the vase then what do I put in it, Amy, but I usually stick to what I find outside. I wonder if sparrow populations are also threatened your end? Didn’t even know you have them in the desert.

      1. Most of our sparrows here are the Eurasian House Sparrows, introduced long ago! So the population would hardly be considered threatened, I suppose! Occasionally we also see the daintier native White-Crowned Sparrows, but I think they are more seasonal in our area. As we have had a good deal of rain this winter, I hope to see more birds for awhile…

      2. The E. house sparrows used to be very common but are now on the decline as so many other species for that matter. No doubt you must have interesting birds in your part of the world, pity it’s so far away.

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