Gosh, it’s Monday again! Yesterday it was so mild and sunny, the weather made us all somewhat boisterous! Five robins were merrily chasing each other round the garden and the bird bath. In between they would perch on a wall or tree and sing their little hearts out as if they were competing in a not-so-secret European robin song contest. We had tea on the balcony in Treetops and didn’t tire of watching their antics, it was so funny…and it reminded me of something rather important: Spring is in the air and it won’t be long now, mark my words! As a contrast to last week’s gloomy vase, I’m happy to produce something more cheerful today for Cathy’s Vase on a Monday. Wishing you all a happy Monday and a week full of birdsong and smiles, suspended or not!






23 thoughts

  1. I love your little suspended snowdrop pots, what a great idea. I would love to come and have a coffee with you, how lovely and cosy your room looks. It is wonderful when the birds start to sing again. The robins are probably disputing their territory and warning off other robins. I often wonder whether the robin who puts his head on one side and sings directly to me when I am gardening is telling me to keep off his garden rather than serenading me. Whichever it is, he melts my heart.

  2. This is much lighter than our sitooterie, Annette, which feels almost enclosed compared to yours despite having windows on 4 sides – we still like it though and it also is a good place to spot the birds from. Never 5 robins at one time though – you are honoured! And you intriguing hanging snowdrop pots are delightful! Thanks for sharing

    1. That’s because of the glass roof, Cathy, which makes all the difference and it works well and doesn’t get too hot as it’s north-east facing. Yes, the snowdrops certainly are a cheerful lot 🙂

  3. I love your photography and your poetic writing :-). So lovely – I could see the Red Robins hopping through the branches. I have one or maybe two Robins coming to feed on the oats in the bird feeder. It is always so much fun to see them, they are so cheerful. Your outdoors look much like spring. We still have a long way to go, I am afraid, even though yesterday I did think that I had detected a trace of spring in the air …

    1. You’re very sweet, Doris, thank you! We’ve had 16°C for the past two days and I hope the plants won’t regret pushing out their leaves and buds. Have a good weekend 🙂

      1. Much nicer weather and temperatures than we have around here, but the buds are pushing forward underneath the rests of snow. We’re getting there! Happy weekend!

  4. Was fuer eine wunderschoene Vase liebe Annette. Heute, den 30. Januar waere unser 63. Hochzeitstag wenn Helmut noch bei mir waere. Freunde von uns, die am selben Tag und im selben Jahr geheiratet haben aber nicht am selben Ort waren heute Mittag bei mir, und wir haben zusammen gruenen Spargel gegessen, den sie so gerne moegen.

    Hoffentlich seid Ihr Beide und Eure Menagerie gesund und munter.

    Liebe Gruesse aus einem aeusserst trocknen Kapstadt

    Deine Ingrid

  5. Liebe Annette, die Bilder zeigen: in Deinem Heim kommt schon ein Hauch von Frühling an. Geniesse ihn. Keiner weiss um diese Jahreszeit, was die folgenden Wochen bringen. Wind, Kälte, vielleicht gar Schnee, oder einfach frühlingshaften Sonnenschein. Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Zeit.

    1. Das ist im Winterhalbjahr wirklich unser Lieblingsraum, Angela, das Licht tut so gut und er erwärmt sich leicht, auch wenn die Sonne nicht so scheint, einfach durch das Licht. Hab ein schönes Wochenende 🙂

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