For the content of today’s vase -which you may recall from an early post featuring the scarlet elfencup-  I have to thank Monsieur who found these beautiful pearls on a string during a walk. Merci, Monsieur 🙂 We’ve had some strong winds, and small twigs of Hybrid Black Poplar (Populus x canadensis) are lying on the ground thus giving us the chance to appreciate their beauty which is normally well out reach. The trees are quite common around here (planted for timber) and can grow to 30m. I like their rustling leaves and golden autumn colour but their dark red flowers are equally delightful. Thanks to Cathy for hosting the vase – pop over to her for inspiration. Happy Monday!


30 thoughts

  1. Gosh, yes, who would have guessed that buds of poplar flowers would look like this? Thanks to both you and Monsieur for sharing and have a lovely, albeit busy, week!

    1. You’re all so kind with your comments on my humble vase but true, I never paid any attention to the fruit, more to the flowers which shine from far. Have a good week too 🙂

  2. Who knew a poplar would produce such treasure. This reminds me of noticing the scent of lime flowers last year – for the very first time I’m almost ashamed to say. We think of trees as trunk and leaves but they usually have something else to delight our senses.

    1. We noticed too that most of the pearls hang on the higher branches and are not easy to spot… well, it’s just a humble find, thanks for your kind comment 🙂

    1. Thank you, Cathy, by the way I’m all excited as I was able to get Teucrium hircinum on a plant fair recently – I admired it in your vase last year 🙂

      1. Great! A word of warning though – it spreads like mad! I love it though as it just fills in the dry and steep part of the rockery needing no care all summer. Enjoy!

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