Ich mache bei Cathys Montagsvase zwar nicht regelmässig mit, konnte aber heute nicht widerstehen, denn die letzten Wicken und Zinnien leuchten um die Wette und wollten unbedingt in die Vase…zumindest habe ich sie so verstanden. 😉 Sie blühen seit Monaten im Gemüsegarten und setzen lustige Akzente zwischen Kohl & Co. Leider kann ich euch die Wickensorte nicht nennen. Meine liebe Freundin Norma schickte mir die Samen und sie waren schlicht zauberhaft! Ein paar Fenchelsamenstände mischen sich unter das Kunterbunt. Bei Cathy könnt ihr schauen, was sie und andere Blogger heute in die Vase zaubern! Happy Monday 🙂

I do not join Cathy for her Vase on a Monday on a regular basis but couldn’t resist today as the last of the sweet peas and zinnias shine far and wide and begged me to cut them for the vase…at least that’s the message I got. 😉 They’ve been flowering for ages in the potager and mingled happily with cabbages & Co. Pity, I can’t tell you the sweet pea variety. My dear friend Norma sent me the seeds and they turned out beautifully! A few fennel seedheads found their way into the vase as well. Pop over to Cathy to see what she and other  bloggers have put into their vases. Happy monday 🙂




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  1. Da sieht man doch gleich , dass Du in anderen Gefilden wohnst. Solche Blüten haben sich hier nun verabschiedet, der November schleicht sich unvermeidbar ein. Genieße Deine Blumen Annette, liebe Grüße Marlies

  2. Wow – those sweet peas are stunning! Are you able to ask your friend Norma what variety they are? I wouldn’t have thought the others were zinnias either although one of our US vase post-ers has featured a bright zinnia mix in her vases. Thanks for sharing your jug with us.

    1. Hi Cathy, as usual I felt sort of humbled after looking at all these wonderful, really artful vases all the others created…my own one being more like „hop-into-the-vase-that’s-it-like“…I think CathyT could be right with the Ripple type. Let me know if you like seeds, I gladly send some but have to tell you they are not scented, at least not much.

      1. Perhaps we find it hard to accept that our own vases can be ‚artful‘ when we don’t feel we have been artistic in producing them….? Thanks for the offer of seeds – I was nearly going to say yes, but decided that as I already have other sweet seeds I better say no after all (this year anyway), pretty though they are. I have some ‚Ruby Eclipse‘ sunflower seeds if you would like some though, and have you managed to find a ‚Red Dragon‘ yet?

      2. Yes, I’d love some and no, nu luck with the dragon yet but you must remember that plant-wise it’s rather under-developed around here, especially perennials but also choice shrubs and trees are hard to find. Could I tempt you with some Ipomoea lobata seeds? This was one of my star plants this year. Mail me your address, have a nice day 🙂

  3. Lovely purples and oranges and a charming shot. The sweet pea looks to me like one of the ‚Ripple‘ types (they were bred from a pre-17th sp whose name escapes me!). Just lovely Annette – and the sunshine!!!

  4. You are so lucky to still be able to use sweet peas and zinnias and the fennel seed heads work perfectly at this time of year! Thank you for sharing a lovely vase.

  5. Beautiful! I love the contrast between the bright orange zinnias and the plum sweet peas – stunning. And the fennel heads are the perfect accompaniment. I find I use them a lot in my vases too.

  6. Oh that orange zinnia positively glows Annette. I think that the sweet pea is ‚Wiltshire Ripple‘. My sweet peas petered out towards the end of October. I’m missing them.

  7. You may not get a chance to join ‚In a vase on Monday‘ every week but when you do, it does not disappoint. I really like the fact that you have added the fennel seed heads to your pretty blue jug. i have never grown Zinnias but they are on my list for 2015.D.

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