Come away with me, on a walk through an enchanted wood, a place full of fairies, singing, dancing, having fun…

Once upon a time, it was on the 1st day of March, a beautiful snowdrop, white and pure, pushed through the thin layer of snow in the forest. The winter wind saw it and got furious, blowing viciously and covering the poor snowdrop with a thick, icy blanket of snow. The little snowdrop cried desperately. The fairy Spring heard it and asked: „Why do you cry?“ „I’m covered with snow and will die of the cold“, answered the snowdrop. The fairy gently removed the snow, and while doing so cut her finger on a sharp stone. Her blood fell onto the roots of the shivering snowdrop gently warming them and reviving the delicate creature. Another drop fell onto its petals turning them red. All of a sudden another snowdrop came up beside it. Thus the two inseparable little bells turned into symbols of spring, love and hope called Martisor.

I hope you enjoy this legend as much as I do and wish you a happy and hopefully sunny weekend 🙂