Winter is a good time for poetry whether you write or read. Summer is always such a busy time for a gardener that there’s hardly any time … A few years ago I stumbled upon poet Felix Dennis, once a wild child and (still?) enfant terrible, now a tree lover and one of the best contemporary poets I know.

With his book „Tales of the woods“ came a CD (and the promise that one tree will be planted for each copy sold) and to actually hear him reciting his poems is an experience not to be missed. His poetry is deeply touching, his observations simply beautiful; I often see myself…though I’ve never spent a sleepless night listening to rafters moaning and weeping for limbs long lost, either because I was too tired or more likely because I’ve planted so many trees already and they leave me in peace. Worried by the loss of nature and forest in the UK he founded the Heart of England Forest Project, a charity which is planting native broadleaf saplings on about 2000 acres in Warwickshire. He is full of contradictions and immensely intriguing. I love trees and often dream about having an arboretum filled with my most cherished trees (and there are quite a few!) but for now I have to make choices as our mules don’t fancy my ideas. Luckily, there are still some fine arboretums and wild places to visit and to talk to magnificent trees that have seen so much and will continue to do so long after we shall be gone…


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